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Alex Abossein M.P.E., F.P.E., E.P.E. & LEED-AP is the founder and driving force.

Alex Abossein - founder of Abossein Engineering by Alex Abossein

Alex Abossein M.P.E., F.P.E., E.P.E. & LEED-AP is the founder and driving force behind Abossein Engineering, Abossein engineering is a full service firm providing Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Protection, Civil, Structural and Energy engineering nationally.

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Master Alex lives martial arts as a way of life. Martial arts teach focus and fearlessness. Our deepest motivations and feelings originate from love or fear. And the eradication of this fear brings focus in your work or business as well as personal life. When fearless, you will accomplish your goals anxiety free - with...

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For a small business owner, it's challenging to play against big guys. Small business hidden weapon is their personal touch. The fact of being local, community business is their unique selling point, they can exploit it to make their plumbing business a success. Mostly people think that there is a formula or some money spinning...

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Alex Abossein, Author at Abossein Engineering

It has been 30 years of collaborative service for Abossein Engineering, driven by Joy for what we do and radiating through the quality of our products and relationships for what we have provided over the years.

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