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Afford My Style
Spring Spotlight: Kate Spade

"A functional bag that is sophisticated and has some style." That was the goal behind Kate Spades designs. She strived to create designs that strayed away from the ones of the time, which were "gaudy" and "over-accessorized."

Afford My Style
The History of Jeans

As we develop our denim styles, we can notice that the styles of the past reemerge and adapt to the present time, whether it's in the jean fit, cut or wash. What has always remained throughout the decades though is the reliability of denim....

alejandra - What is the line between truth and fiction?

In a society, now mainly based on gossip and rumors spread on all social media platforms and magazines, the line between truth and fiction has unfortunately been blurred. Media magazines like Cosmopolitan and Vogue have never really been ones to distribute reliable sources of information, but nowadays informational sources are being tainted by biases and prejudice.

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