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This charming Manchester: is Morrissey's city still recognisable?

Treading cautiously over puddles of January Manchester rain, a group of tourists from Mexico, Australia, France and Israel take turns to pose in front of Salford Lads Club, the unassuming community centre made famous by their Mancunian heroes, The Smiths.

Why cultural patrimony must be protected by law

Cities progress and their topographies change. Particularly this is the case for Manchester, which is not a classical city, it is a modern city, it is the modern city. In December, the Star and Garter, a pub-come-live music venue behind Piccadilly Station halfway into the city's red light district, was handed a compulsory purchase order by Network Rail on Thursday, the city moved forward.

It's time the British media emancipated our northern capital

Days into her new role as Traffic and Travel Reporter on a nationwide BBC radio programme, a childhood friend of mine received the first of several hurtful emails from listeners: 'Such important national information shouldn't be left to someone from up north'.


Discovered and in danger | Read in English

First contact with isolated Brazilian indigenous group for the first time since 1996 reveals the problems Latin American countries face to protect their native populations. How can they be saved?

A Brazilian Operating in This Area
Acre, the Amazon state Brazil should pay more attention to

By Alec Herron "What you think there in Rio de Janeiro about us isn't true. Acre is not just insects, Indians and crocodiles. Brazil isn't Rio de Janeiro and the south, we deserve media coverage..." I feel for my Carioca buddy Fernando as a tirade of injustices are thrown at him from an indignant journalism...

Road to Brazil 2014
What do Brazil's protests mean for the World Cup?

The conclusion of the Confederations Cup saw Brazil crowned champions for the third time in succession amid country-wide protests, which on a number of occasions ended in violence and vandalism. Alec Herron reports on what the 'Tropical Spring' could mean for the World Cup in 2014.


¿Sabes quienes son los "Ashes"? ¿Qué sabes del cricket? -

Inglaterra ha mantenido a los 'Ashes'​​, empatando con Australia en un lunes lluvioso de Old Trafford, después de 15 días de juego, asistido por un público promedio de 20.000 cada día y millones en la televisión por todo el mundo.

Rugby: St Helens v Wigan - el único verdadero derby del mundo -

El actual campeón de la 'Super League' de Rugby a 13 (Rugby League) Wigan Warriors venció a su archirrival St Helens 14-33 en su tradicional encuentro de Viernes Santo. Hay apenas 15 kilómetros entre los estadios del Langtree Park de St Helens y el DW Stadium de Wigan Warriors, pero no es por proximidad que existe esta feroz rivalidad, sino porque ganó el título del primer 'Derby'.


Manchester Evening News
Review: David O'Doherty @ Dancehouse Theatre

Your guide to everything in Manchester Alec Herron is impressed with the Irish comedian at the top of his game In 2009, Dublin-born comedian David O'Doherty sang a line in one of the many mini-keyboard accompanied numbers that have appeared in his routines over the years; citing a review from the Irish Independent newspaper stating his act 'doesn't really have any message, basically, just a whole bunch of bits stuck together'.

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