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Anna Golez


Location icon Philippines

Twenty-something professional writer since 2011. I live for pop culture and writing about it. I also have experience in news reporting, PR, copy writing, online content, and social media management. Typing speed: 79 WPM

Far Eastern Megatrade

Far Eastern Megatrade presents opportunities in the Philippines to investors through impactful and inclusive projects and ventures.

Deal Grocer
Bacolod Travel Guide

Heading to the City of Smiles? Check out DG Traveler's list of things to See, Eat, and Do in Bacolod. Enjoy exclusive promos from Deal Grocer.

8 Films Shot in Negros | Pisyo

With forest-filled mountains overlooking vast fields of sugarcane and a culture soaked in mythology and storytelling, it's no wonder Negros can be a filmmaker's dream. Over time, our island has been the setting and even inspiration for some great Filipino films. Re-acquaint yourselves with the few notable ones we've rounded up.

Review: "Anatomiya sang Korupsiyon" | Pisyo

by Anna Golez "Corruption is not one bad person," says Peque Gallaga, one of the directors of Anatomiya sang Korupsiyon. Before the show started, we were able to have quick chat with him. "It's not Marcos," he continues. "It's Marcos and his cronies and the crony's tribe.

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