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Take The Piss Out Of Women's Mags With Reductress

Why has it taken this long to satirize women's magazines? I don't know about you, but every time I happen to pick up a so-called "women's magazine," or even while I'm hate-reading a Goop newsletter or xoJane testimonial, I feel dirty inside.

PODCASTS: Why Julie Klausner Wins

Much like the explosion of personal blogs, podcasts have become the "thing" that almost everyone now has. A lot of them are hysterically funny, creative, insightful and unique in their accessibility and intimacy- the latter being the most attractive characteristics of podcasts as a medium.

SLUTWALK: The Anti-Rape Brigade

"Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized" was a statement made by a representative of the Toronto Police Department on January 24th, 2011 at a campus safety information session at York University's Osgood Hall Law School.

MCQUEEN: Agent Provocateur

The Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art has been drawing in massive crowds since its opening. No doubt its attraction is primarily due to its uniqueness, being an art exhibit entirely dedicated to a contemporary fashion designer, as well as because of the popularity of the distinguished designer himself.


Though I was aware of the existence of Hot Stuff: Disco and the Re-making of American Culture by Dr. Alice Echols a few months back after its release in March, my enthusiasm and curiosity were re-ignited by cultural critic Rich Juzwiak of FourFour.

BUST DIY GUIDE: Beyond Cutesy

Zooey Deschanel's glassy doll eyes on the cover of New York Magazine for an entire straight week was the aggressively twee icing on the cake of this inundation of so-called quirk we're experiencing right now in Pop Culture.

ALLEN STONE: Soul w/Conviction

At first listen, it might be one's first impulse to group singer/songwriter Allen Stone into the same slicked-up, "in the club" blue-eyed Soul camp of artists like Justin Timberlake or Robin Thicke.

FEIST: The Middle of Middlebrow

I'll be the first one to admit that I've always enjoyed the music of Leslie Feist. If that means I'll have to resign eating the rest of my life's meals at Applebees, then, so be it.

ZOLA JESUS: Sacred Power

When you hear about a fresh-out-of-college musician claiming to be wild about Schopenhauer, Situationism, Opera, and dressing in all black (with a name that smacks of desperate grasps at profundity), you might put yourself at risk for rolling your eyes so hard that they fall right out of your skull.

THEO LONDON: Theo Was Here.

Theophilus London started out in music, inexplicably, not using his given name, and rather, was once a more straightforward rapper known as Thelonious Kapps-a sharp contrast to the melodically-inclined artist we know today. But who is Theophilus London and what led him from being Caps to working with Mark Ronson?

MR OIZO: Musical Mr. Brainwash?

French electronic musician Mr. Oizo's album Stade 2, scheduled for release on November 28th, has been called his most eccentric work to date. But is it really an avant-garde accomplishment at the level of the musical equivalent of a Mr. Brainwash-style work? Hyper-meta irony's complexities and stupidities certainly strike again here.

KARKWA: Smarter Than Your Avg

The fact that Quebecer fivesome Karkwa do not sing in English has simoultaneously overshadowed and pushed the melodic component of their music to the forefront. On one hand, because they sing in a foreign language, English-speaking music critics and fans have a knee-jerk tendency to instantly compare them to any and all non-English speaking bands.

PRISCILLA AHN: 20somethin Blues

Priscilla Ahn says that when she was writing her new album When You Grow Up-released May 3, 2011, she had to dig a little deeper beyond the "wells of melancholy" that characterized her college years and the early half of her 20s.


Caribbean-born painter Lennon Jno-Baptiste is interested in shattering ideas with images. More specifically, the repetition and re-contextualization of both familiar and historical images linked to deeply rooted ideologies.


One may not realize it at first glance, but one of the most significant influences on Reginald Baylor's paintings is architecture-both because of the geometric shapes, heaviness, and hard-edged lines of buildings and structures. Baylor says that he doesn't reach too far outside of what's right in front of his face to know what it is that he wants to paint.


Chef Joann
Chef Joann, Bio

Bio copy for Chef Joann Stabile, personal chef & caterer.

Head Over Feels

Guest Post! Did It Not Go Through?: Best TV Pratfalls of All Time

By Guest Blogger: Anna Graizbord of Critical Mob Fun fact: I was actually there for the aftermath of Sage's Saturday night spill that inspired her Nice Trip post. I tried to over up all her blood (don't worry, she wasn't in any pain) with makeup at the bar we were at, which in no way...

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Top 10 TV Highlights: Louis C.K. and Hoda Kotb Have Some Choice Words

Anna Graizbord, Original With most of the scripted TV shows still on break, who's gonna pick up the slack? Don't worry, Web Therapy was here for us this week, and there were plenty of reality and talk show goodies you just don't want to miss. Between Hoda Kotb dishing some juicy gossip, Louis C.K.

Top 10 TV Highlights Breaking Bad Returns, Lea Michele Pays Tribute

Anna Graizbord, Original Everyone had some major Breaking Bad fever this week -- and not necessarily just fans in anticipation of the beginning of the series' end, but MythBusters got in on the act as well. Though Amish Mafia and The Real Housewives of Orange County had their fair share of fighting and tension as well.

Top 10 TV Highlights: Jennifer Aniston and Oprah Throw Some Shade

Talk and reality shows were all abuzz with tension, shade-throwing, and big shockers this week. Jennifer Aniston had some choice words for Katie Couric, Oprah dished about talking to actors promoting dud projects, Joe Francis and Flavor Flav engaged in a name-calling match, and a Bachelorette contestant peaced out on Desiree.

Top 10 TV Highlights: Lewis Black Fights Back and Intervention Checks Out

Quite the rollercoaster week it's been between Glee cast members in shock over Cory Monteith's passing, shocking statements on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, some scripted series re-tooling, and Lewis Black telling it like it is. Here's what you may have missed: Black Blocks Perry's Poaching/ Texas Governor Rick Perry has been running ads in other states across the U.S.

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Brooklyn-Based HeyAllday Handmade Bags & More

If you live in New York, then you know the pain of having to carry around tons of bags all the time-- whether you're going to the gym, grocery store, spending the night at your significant other's, carrying a small bag around in a bigger bag, or if you just need to change out of your dumb work shoes or clothes to feel like a human being again at happy hour.

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fashion720 - insight on the reality of the fashion industry.

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