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If 'to write is to live' is a cliche, then I am a 27-year-old walking cliche.
I often write about life - growth, triumph, learning, mistakes, confusions and dreams.
But I am open to writing anything that would make my soul jump.

I recently worked for a national newspaper in Phnom Penh, Cambodia as writer and head editor.

I also worked for live television as Segment Producer for two years and as an Online Editor and Part-time Copy Editor for a daily regional publication in the Philippines.

Khmer Times
Tracing Buddha's Path

Agnes Alpuerto joins the 6th International Buddhist Conclave in the beautiful and storied nation of India to trace Buddha's path.

Cebu Daily News
Lhee Taneo's love for seashell mosaic

It was probably a surprise self-discovery. Or maybe it was the sincere will to give back to the community that has molded her to the person that she is. Whatever it was that pushed Lhee Taneo to explore the art of seashell mosaic, she is nothing but a proud and grateful rising Cebuana artist.

Khmer Times
Finding hope in disability

Agnes Alpuerto visits Bantey Prieb’s Vocational Training Center for the Disabled in Kandal province.

Khmer Times
Daughters of Cambodia

Daughters of Cambodia, a Christian organisation founded by a British academic researcher, tries to give refuge to the women trapped in the sex industry, giving them chances to start a new life. Agnes Alpuerto tells the story.

Good Times2 - Khmer Times
Venturing Beyond The Temples

The governments of Cambodia and Germany are jointly pushing the burgeoning tourism in Siem Reap beyond its glorious and historic temples.

What am I doing here?

CAMBODIA IS not a common destination of Filipino expatriates and workers. While it is true that Phnom Penh, its capital, is like some cities in the Philippines and that we look so much like the locals, Cambodia is a very different country. And I will have to highlight its language here, really.

Thought Catalog
This Is How I Know I Miss You

I know I miss you when my phone beeps at 6am. I usually don't read it instantly - blame my sleepy eyes which have been programmed to wake up at 6:30. But I always know the 'good morning' message comes from any of you. I know I miss you when I see dark clouds.

folded sleeves
Beautifully Historical Temples in Asia

My friends, we all deserve a break once in a while. But if you're thinking about beaches or mountaintops, you're going typical. Aren't temples worth exploring, too? There are hundreds of temples in Asia alone. While these holy places are mostly visited for religious traditions by Hindus and Buddhists, these temples also welcome tourists who want to take a peak of a significant culture.

Cebu Daily News
Living CTRC's Four-Walled Life

The 24 women patients undergoing drug rehabilitation at the Cebu Treatment and Rehabilitation Center follow hour-by-hour rules including morning exercises and meetings and of course their assigned chores.

Forward Publications
Totally Healed

A literary article about mistakes, regrets, forgiveness, healing and life.

Thought Catalog
A Letter To My 30-Year-Old Self

You might read this, or you might not. But still I want to say hi. By the time you get ahold of this letter, I am certain you have grown enough to understand what life is all about, what you are all about.

Thought Catalog
In Case My Soul Mate Exists, Please Wait To Meet Me Until I'm Healed

I don't know where you are right now. I don't know if you're working or taking your Master's Degree or if you're enrolled in Law School. Or maybe you're in your home playing computer games. I don't know if you're also into writing and poetry and songs, or if you like football.

Kampuchea Thmey Daily
Tickles on your tastebuds

A feature article about the booming crepes business in Cambodia.

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