Agata Popeda

Political Journalist

Location icon United States of America

Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
MA in Politics & Global Affairs; focus on international reporting, narrative writing, and investigative journalism. Additional coursework in audio production.

Washington Correspondent, Political Critique
More than 100 pieces written for one of the most widely-read online magazines in Central and Eastern Europe. Covered the second term of Obama’s presidency; reported on the 2016 presidential elections, healthcare reform, Guantanamo, higher education, U.S. climate change policy, and the U.S.-Russia relations.

Contributed to: Al-Jazeera English, TVN24, and TOK FM

Political Critique
Caligula in the White House, Eichmann on Wall Street

Let's start with the United Airlines video. The footage - which shows a Chinese doctor screaming in agony while being dragged off a United Airlines plane - has caused a national outrage. The end of the American dream of customer service was caught on camera, revealing a major violation of the main social rule of capitalism: the customer is always right.

Political Critique
Women in the U.S. Military

At the moment, women represent only 17 percent of the U.S. Armed Forces, but they have so much more to offer.

Political Critique
Sheep with University Degrees

Graduates from American universities know nothing about the world. They don't even know that America is not just Harvard, financial institutions and baseball.

Political Critique
Ed Snowden – the boy next door

The discussion on Edward Snowden’s faults and likelihood of his potential homecoming doesn’t stop and, even if not always visible on the front pages, it returns there quite regularly.

Political Critique
Sorry America, You're Not So Fucking Special

As we know, there are some essential differences between the European Right and its American equivalent. As a Polish-American, I'm endlessly fascinated by those discrepancies. It's amusing to see the current Polish government, claustrophobic and business-hostile, endorsing Trump and the world of big international business he represents.

Political Critique
Hillary Better Than Bernie

Is Clinton the mythical Athena, a woman born out of her father’s head to guard the patriarchy?

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