Afton Prater

Public Relations Professional

Location icon United States

My name is Afton Prater and I am a Public Relations major. I have always done well academically and have received many awards, such as the President's Award, for my academic success. I am also a singer/songwriter, which has led me to meet and communicate with many people. I am definitely a people person and a team player, bringing a smile to peoples' faces makes me happy. I love living a healthy lifestyle and I am constantly surrounded by people who push me to be better. My goal is to work in the field of Public Relations, especially in the music industry, since both Public Relations and music set my soul on fire. I am excited about what the future has in store for me in my career!

The Beauties of the Pacific Northwest

Hey! My name is Afton Prater and I am a 20-year-old student at Central Washington University. I grew up in Seabeck, WA and my hobbies are singing, songwriting, hiking, and spending time with friends and family. I am a Public Relations major and I am excited for what the future holds in store for me in this field of study.

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