Afolake Senkoya

Content Strategist, Freelance Writer, Editor, Blogger, Book Reviewer

Location icon Nigeria

My name is Afolake Senkoya, a Content Strategist,
Freelance Writer, Editor, Book Reviewer at
As a content strategist, I help individuals and organizations craft and share their stories such that they are able to achieve their personal or organizational objectives.
Simply put, I help them create unique, high-quality, useful and interesting content to win the hearts of their target audience.
I am passionate about God, Causes, Children and DIYs. I also blog about my natural hair journey, DIYs and Organic living at
My favourite saying is "This too shall pass" and this has helped me all through my journey in life. I love the colour Blue and I spend most of my time indoor, finding solace in reading and writing.


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A returnee's experience of new Lagos Title: Everyday is for the thief Author: Teju Cole Genre: Fiction Pages: 162 This book is a funny yet insightful account from an unnamed "IJGB" who returns to Nigeria after 15 years away and all he had to go through before and after his arrival to the ever bustling city of Lagos.

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