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A. Elizabeth Westmoreland


Elizabeth specializes in writing, editing and communication both on and offline. Her professional experience includes editing software reports, creating report templates and procedural documents, and content writing. She has prepared and edited business correspondence, email templates, and presentations.

She holds a BS in English and an AS in Criminal Justice from Drury University. From 2013-2014, she studied technical writing at Missouri State University.

Elizabeth is also a novelist and short story author who writes under the name A. Elizabeth West.

What are the Different Types of Ecotourism Destinations?

Driven by concern for the preservation of Earth's ecosystems and enjoyment of its natural beauty, travelers increasingly choose ecotourism destinations for their vacations. These include safaris and wildlife tours, volunteer tours, adventure tours and visits to remote natural settings. Generally, ecotourism means responsible travel, which benefits local communities and does as much as possible to protect the environment.

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