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Ashley Espie

A native of Florida, Ashley recently received her BA in English and is working towards her MA. She loves the beauty and magic of words and firmly believes that stories have the power to change the world. When not busy with homework or playing around with words, Ashley enjoys watching college football with her family and spending time outdoors.

Edible Northeast Florida
Know Your Food: Southern Peas

Field peas, cow peas or Southern peas. Whatever you call them, this variety of vegetables are not actually peas, despite their name. Southern pea is the common name for a a group of legumes that includes black-eyed, crowder and cream peas.

The Rough Draft
Stop Signs and Red Lights-Proper Punctuation

When it comes to the reading journey, correct road signs and lights are just as important as the road the reader's riding on. For a copyeditor, these stop signs and red lights take the form of punctuation. Just as road signs can vary from a stop sign, to a yield sign, to a caution sign,...

The Rough Draft
Copyeditors: The Hidden Hero

When people hear the word editor, they typically picture the ones in movies. The strict guy with glasses who rejects an author's manuscript only to ultimately declare it a masterpiece and them the new Stephen King. However, this stereotypical image is hardly an accurate picture of your common editor.