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CIT Worldwide Limited
CIT sponsor prestigious recruitment award

CIT Worldwide Limited, the experts in job search technology and consumer insights solutions, were the sponsors of this year's illustrious Onrec Awards. The Ceremony, which took place last week in the heart of London, was a celebration of the success, innovation and achievements within the world of online recruitment.

HR News
CV Bank Celebrate Creative Online Marketing Award Success - HR News

Recruitment CV specialists CV Bank were named winners of the Creative Online Marketing Award in the Supplier Category at the 2016 Onrec Awards Ceremony last Thursday. The award culminates a successful year for the team, who have a database of more than 2 million up-to-date UK CVs for jobs seekers actively seeking work, one of the UK's largest.

Recruitment Buzz
Is the Competition for Graduate Jobs Really that Fierce? - Recruitment Buzz

It's often heard that the jobs market for graduates is as competitive as ever with university leavers fighting it out for a limited supply of jobs. According to a recent report in the Daily Mail, graduates are now being forced to work in coffee shops and bars due to a lack of suitable grad roles in the market.

CIT Worldwide Limited
Just how tough really is the competition for graduate jobs?

There's so much being said about what university leavers can expect going into the jobs market, it can actually be difficult to separate fact from fiction. One line of thought that's been doing the rounds recently is that the market's as competitive as it's ever been, with an ever increasing number of degree holders hustling it...

Recruitment Buzz
Are Zero Hour Contracts as Bad as People Make Out?

Amidst the recent media furore surrounding zero-hour contracts, you'd be forgiven for thinking that they're something straight out of the Victorian era. But are they really as bad as they're made out?

CIT Worldwide Limited
Will the minimum wage increase negatively affect the jobs market?

There's been much said about the new National Living Wage (NLW) that came into force on 1 April 2016, but what impact will this have on the jobs market? Employers are now legally required to pay workers at least £7.20 who are aged 25 or older.

Are apprenticeships a viable alternative for career success?

Whilst schools' careers services can be helpful, they're only there to offer guidance. In other words, they can't make the tough decisions for you. This difficulty is compounded by mixed messages we often hear surrounding university and apprenticeships. With National Apprenticeship Week been and gone, it's also coming to the point where school-leavers decide their next step.

AdView considers how often under-30s should switch jobs

According to new research from Resolution Foundation, the living standards analysts, pay-growth for workers in this age bracket who changed jobs between 2007-2014 was 2.7 times more than for those that didn't. They also indicated that the overall pay of this age bracket would be 3% higher if job mobility hadn't slowed since the recession.

HR News
How can employers and HR departments deal with the job satisfaction deficit? - HR News

The latest Employee Outlook, published this month by CIPD and Halogen Software, has raised concern among employers and HR departments having revealed that an increasing number of employees are looking for work elsewhere. Nearly one in four workers in the survey were found to be seeking a new position due to being dissatisfied with their current role - a thirty month low.

Recruitment Buzz
AdView's Kevin Brady to Tackle Recruitment on Talk Radio

AdView Director Kevin Brady will be appearing on talkRADIO early next month in a new slot which will tackle all the big questions in the media surrounding job search and recruitment. The new show - a 5 minute exploration of all things job-related with host Paul Ross - will offer listeners unique insight into the jobs market.

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