Adrian Fleur


I'm a South African writer based in Oxford, United Kingdom.

I used to be Assistant Editor for Chiang Mai Citylife, the most-read English-language news site and magazine in Northern Thailand.

My passions lie with my personal writing: fiction novels, short stories and poetry. I am working on these with the help of University of Oxford, which is where I study Creative Writing.

Market of Eden is my little blog all about the food, culture, hurdles and scruffy street dogs of Thailand.

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Operation Occupy Bangkok's Bomb Blasts and Shootings

A detailed breakdown on Bangkok's political violence so far.


Fears of Sanctions Over Thailand's Dismal Human Trafficking Record

Adrian Fleur CityNews - The latest US State Department report on the issue of global human trafficking, known as Trafficking In Persons Report, has the potential to severely...

Chiang Mai CityNews

Thai Airways' Sky-High Debt and Nepotism Mean 5000 Innocent Staff Get Axed

Heavily-indebted Thai Airways International, which is already facing stiff competition from expanding low-cost carriers, has made a drastic decision to offer voluntary...


Not-So-LGBT-Friendly: Thailand Still Has a Long Way to Go

Thailand promotes itself as a country accepting of all lifestyles including LGBT and transsexual people, but a recent article by Time Magazine paints a much darker image of the...


Singha, Leo Heiress Spills Her Political Views, So Customers Spill Her Beer

Boon Rawd Brewery has been around since 1933, and is most well-known for Singha brand of beer, soda water, water, as well as other famous products like Leo Beer and Moshi Green...


Possible Sanctions for Thailand's Nightmare Fishing Industry

CityNews - The London-based Environmental Justice Foundation released a report on Tuesday, 4th March, that accuses the Thai government of doing too little to curb human...

Chiang Mai CityNews

Update on Shocking Uyghur Trafficking Investigations

On 13th March, police came across a secret jungle camp in Songkhla where more than 200 Uyghur people had been living, and 120 of them were later fined by Thai police despite...

Chiang Mai CityNews

Another Update on Uyghur Situation: China Wants Them Back

We previously reported the case of police coming across a secret jungle camp in Songkhla where more than 200 had been living, and 120 of them were later fined by to help the...

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50 Deaths in Thailand From H1N1 Flu Prompt Free Shots For Public

CityNews - The Public Health Ministry of Thailand has reported that there have been 50 deaths from influenza A virus (H1N1) this year so far, and that the illness has already...


Thai Parents Charge UK Daughter With Lèse Majesté

CityNews - Thai parents of a Thai-born woman who has relocated to the United Kingdom have asked police to take legal action against her, saying that she is guilty of violating...


Scandalous Monk Returns to Thailand After 20 Years in Exile

CityNews - The former monk Phra Yantra Amaro Bikkhu spent the last two decades living in the United States, and has recently been spotted in the Southern province of Nakhon Si...


Teenage Rich Kid Who Killed 9 People Won't Spend a Day in Jail

CityNews - On 27th December 2010, a 16-year-old Orachorn "Praewa" Thephasadin Na Ayudhya drove her Honda Civic into the back of a van on the elevated Don Muang highway in...


Jamie Foxx Says He Might Retire to Chiang Mai in Thai TV Interview

Jamie Foxx Says He Might Retire to Chiang Mai in Thai TV Interview Apr 23, 2014 CityNews - Thai television sensation Woody got the chance to interview the main stars of the...


Yingluck Petitioned by Foundation to End Dog Smuggling Trade

CityNews - The Soi Dog Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Phuket, has been caring for, rehoming and rehabilitating street dogs for years, as well as sterilizing over...


Over 1000 Animals Confiscated from Luggage in 2013 Alone

CityNews - Thai officials at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok are fed up with finding smuggled species of wildlife , with over 1,000 animals already discovered in this year...


More Deadly Bomb Attacks in Thailand's South Signal Frustration at Government's Disinterest

CityNews - On Sunday and Monday, 6th and 7th April, a string of explosions took place in Yala, Thailand's southernmost province, which killed one person and injured at least 30...


Far Too Many Budget Airlines Worrying for Thailand's Future

CityNews - The ASEAN Open Skies Policy is expected to be fully implemented next year, despite concerns that there are still a number of deficiencies in ASEAN's aviation sector,...


Gay Israeli Parents Struggling to Get 65 Thai Children Home

CityNews - The Israeli government has caused a furore with Israeli parents of about babies born or to be born through surrogate mothers in Thailand. The Thai law says that...