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Adriana Barro

Bachelor of Arts - Media & Communications/ Cinema and Cultural Studies (2013)

Location icon Australia

23 year old graduate of the University of Melbourne. Currently sub-editing for Purple Sneakers and previous intern of ACCLAIM Magazine. In love with exceptionally well presented food and bad 50's horror, not in love with the use, endorsement or entire concept of the handkerchief.


Purple Sneakers Online

Purple Sneakers
INTERVIEW: The Smith Street Band | Purple Sneakers

When I was 17 I used to plan my weekends around sneaking past security to see THE SMITH STREET BAND play pubs and bars in every pocket of Melbourne. Sometimes friends would be stealthily opening the side door at The Birmy for me, other times they would be distracting the bouncer from the fact my ID just blatantly wasn't me.

Live Review: Meredith Music Festival 2014 | Purple Sneakers

The Meredith eye completes its last majestic rotation for the weekend and piles of tinnies lay in defeated heaps around the campsite. Meredith 2014 is done and dusted for another year, and yes, that pun was very much intended. The 24 th annual Meredith Music Festival was exciting, unpredictable and full of plain old good times.

INTERVIEW: Fractures "I couldn't even pick up a guitar, just because of the weight" | Purple...

After bouncing back from a serious neck injury mid last year, Melbourne electronic artist Mark Zito better known as FRACTURES has been hard at work creating new hauntingly beautiful sounds as he does best. We have just seen the release of the artist's debut self-titled EP, and a launch tour to follow which includes a set at the fast approaching Splendour In The Grass.

Chet Faker 'Talk Is Cheap' (Ta-Ku Remix)

Hearing the names TA-KU and CHET FAKER in one sentence is enough to get anyone's heart racing. These two are a bro-match made in heaven, and it helps that they both are purveyors of fine, fine music. CHET FAKER 's 'Talk Is Cheap' is the latest track to undergo remix treatment by the emotion arousing Perth producer, TA-KU.

Washed Out 'Weightless' (Official Video)

Ambient chill-wave artist WASHED OUT has released a video for the track 'Weightless' off his most recent album 'Paracosm'. The seven and a half minute mini-movie was directed by David Altobelli, the brains behind clips for artists such CULTS , M83 and SIA .

ACCLAIM Magazine

Interview: Kicking back all day with Allday - ACCLAIM

Maybe that would make for a good story, but it isn't this one. Allday speaks honestly, he speaks like a 23 year old guy who finally found success and hasn't quite blinked to realise it yet. That's why when he says he doesn't hate Australian hip hop, but rather just doesn't care about it, I believe him.

Nick Thomm x Mercy-Merci

Artist, designer and new media all rounder Nick Thomm has teamed up with the founder of online retail store Mercy-Merci, Jay Ramsay to bring together a set of works for the much loved Australian restaurant Chin Chin and Go Go bar.

Romain Laurent's animated portraits

French born, NYC based photographer Romain Laurent has managed to bring an element of artistry and class to the humble gif. Beginning last September, Laurent set himself a personal challenge to create a looped animated portrait every week, something he says is a low-pressure way to test out different ideas free from restrictions or expectations.

Haute Thing: Alanna Durkovich of Xander Vintage

Haute Thing loves a girl who can multi-task, and everyone knows the world's greatest multi taskers are mothers. Meet Alanna Durkovich. This 23 year old babe is not only the coolest stay at home mum ever but also manages to find time to run her very own online vintage clothing store.

Various Publications

Curium Magazine 2015

**Online release embargo** Please contact for digital spreads

Curium Magazine 2015

**Online release embargo** please contact for digital spreads

Long Hai

This is a Literary Cities post from Adriana Barro. When I travelled through Vietnam late last year, the honesty of the place seemed to be a constant. Be it in the people's faces, the city streets or even the food that we ate, everything seemed to run with the same 'no bullshit' attitude.

Aphra Magazine
By The Meadow 2015

Last weekend saw the coming and going of boutique music festival By The Meadow for its second year running. The festival is set in the picturesque surrounds of Bambra, a little place in Victoria's Otway Hinterlands, and by little I mean the doesn't-even-have-a-general-store type of little.

The Book That Took Me Two and a Bit Years to Finish

This is a The Book That... post from Adriana Barro. As someone who saw it as perfectly feasible to take a day off school purely to read, reading books, with haste, was no issue at all. That was until I came face to face with Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore.

Curium Magazine 2014
Who Gives A Crap?

**Online release embargo** Please contact for digital spreads

Interview: Bad Luck Zizzy

Emerging onto the scene last year with a vibrant, yet grounded collection that encapsulates the relaxed philosophy of the brand and its creator, Bad Luck Zizzy has continued on to prove that what begins with a Rex Manning appreciation T-shirt can become something great.

To Help or Tinder: How Apps Are Changing the Way We Date | Lip Magazine

to help or tinder: how apps are changing the way we date I've never been one for casual dating. I went to a Catholic, all-girls school for God's sake. Boys were scary and for a long time the only interaction I had with the male species was being unwillingly squished up against them on the 3.39pm train all the way home.

Interview: Unempire

Zoë Lea is her name, and socks are her game. The brains behind Melbourne-based unruly sock brand Unempire, Zoë Lea has risen to the challenge of holding a successful reign over the boring and bland accessories for your feet in this city and beyond since the launch of her brand in 2013.

The pressures of InstaFame: A chat with Asher Britton | Lip Magazine

the pressures of instafame: a chat with asher britton *Trigger alert: Discussion of eating disorders and self-harm* The idea of being an online celebrity has surely crossed the minds of many social media users during those lonely afternoons when a selfie with your dog only attracted one like - from your sister.

Assessed work - The University of Melbourne