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Paratriathlete Melissa Stockwell hopes to inspire at Rio Olympics

The Army vet used sports to rehab after being wounded during duty. Now she wants to use her road to Rio to inspire other adaptive athletes to compete in triathlons. On July 9, the members of Team USA's first-ever paratriathlon team will be announced.
Swimmer Michael Roggio's last place finish was still a big win

After a Traumatic Brain Injury, Roggio pushed his body to the highest level of its ability, and lost. He gained a lot in the process. Athletes came to conquer at Invictus Games. But as Wednesday's swimming finals proved, sometimes losing is still a major victory.
Team USA won Invictus gold by making murderball more fun

The offensive juggernaut continued in the wheelchair rugby finals against Denmark. ORLANDO, Fla.-- Wednesday night's gold medal wheelchair rugby match at the Invictus Games was settled the same way as every other game involving the US team: with complete domination. The US defeated Denmark, 28-19, in another tilt decided by the US's unstoppable offensive juggernaut.

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The NHL Draft and rituals of manhood

I'm not an anthropologist, but the draft made me feel like one. "So how was the draft?" My husband asked me when I returned from Sunrise, road-weary and still slightly hungover. I hesitated before replying, truly thinking about it for the first time.

I Talked To Virginie Besson-Silla About Her Latest Animated Project

Within the first few pages of hits from Googling Virginie Besson-Silla, I found a Tumblr entitled "White boys dating black girls." Of course. I sighed and glanced through the photos of Virginie and her children and husband (who happens to be director Luc Besson), and moved swiftly on.

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Puck Daddy's Summer Series: The Tampa Bay Lightning from A to Z

(Ed. Note: August is known to be a very quiet month in the hockey world. As we wait for September to arrive and training camps to begin, let's learn a little history about all 30 teams. Behold, our summer A-Z series, in which we ask fans of all 30 teams to drop some knowledge on us!
2016 Invictus Games inspire wounded warriors first, audience second

In its second year of international competition, Invictus shows servicemembers what's possible. ORLANDO, Fla.--There was a furious racket coming from the rugby court. A man draped in a Danish flag chanted something in Danish as he ran toward the bleachers. Down on the court, two rows of players wheeled past each other, pausing to bump fists.
The agony of defeat at the NCAA Frozen Four

One team wins college hockey's national title every year, soaking up the glory that comes with it. But what about the other 59 teams that lose? TAMPA -- Hattricks, a bar near Amalie Arena, was packed on an important Saturday afternoon: the day of the final game of college hockey's Frozen Four, and one of the last days of the NHL regular season.
Lightning fans are proof that Southern hockey is all grown up

A trip to the Tampa Bay Lightning Family Carnival reveals how strong hockey is in the South. Lexi LaFleur Brown and I stood in the quiet shelter of Amalie Arena's bleachers while the ice filled with fans. Brown, a PhD student, goaltender and wife of Tampa Bay Lightning forward J.T.