Ace Peel Hardware & Supply

10 Wiggins Road, Caledon, ON L7C 3T5. Tel: (905) 838-4434

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Ace Peel Hardware & Supply originated in 2013, located in Brampton and Caledon, Ontario. This country store, located in the city can provide you with all your home and farm needs. Known for quality products that cannot be found in the larger named stores, Ace Peel Hardware & Supply is that peaceful country feel store, designed for contractors, equestrians, farmers and homeowners. This destination store is full of welcoming and knowledgeable staff that keeps the customers coming back.

Peel Hardware & Supply are agents for Sparling Propane home distribution of fuel, and a key MasterFeeds supplier. They sell propane and chlorine in bulk all year, in addition to a seasonal garden center. Ace Peel Hardware & Supply supplies animal feed, farm supplies, fertilizer and hay to agricultural customers. Retail customers can find pet supplies, such as treats, grooming supplies; and hardware, such as, plumbing, screws and tools. Lawn and garden necessities are available for homeowners and landscapers. In addition, there are animal housing which include outdoor chicken coops and rabbit hutches. Home d├ęcor can be purchased, suchlike, Amish handcrafted toys and wagons, BBQ, Mennonite handcrafted furniture and pest control products.

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