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Amanda Byas is a freelancer from Cape Coral, Florida. She has over 4 years experience in providing high-quality content to clients. She runs her own business, Forever Writing that specializes in SEO, copywriting, press releases, ghost writing, blog articles, and much more. When she is not writing and marketing her business, you can find her on her personal blog, The Tales of a Broke College Student.

If you would like to contact Amanda about her writing services, you can send her an e-mail at [email protected] and she will get back to you.

The News Girls Club
Amanda Byas

Amanda started her writing journey in the beginning of 2011. She currently writes for The Tales of a Broke College Student and The News Girls Club. When she isn't writing, she is watching Netflix with her dog, Bella.

Forever Writing Company Blog
Forever Writing Company Blog

Forever Writing blog teaches potential consumers how they can implement SEO, marketing, and much more into their business websites.

The Tales of a Broke College Student

The tales of a broke college student are narrated by a broke college student. It has to do with college, saving money, making money, and of course, freebies.


Hubpages is a revenue sharing site, where I still have a few of my works published. Most of my works was moved off to my other sites.

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I've been a part of Digital Journal for a few years now. Digitial Journal is all about news, I have written over 60 articles on a variety of news topics.

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