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Experienced journalist from Dayton, Ohio. I'm currently studying journalism at Kent State University with a double minor in public relations and fashion media. After graduation in December 2019, I plan to pursue a career in editorial journalism.

'Our Brother Jeff' honors Jeffrey Miller, completes May 4 victim series

About one-third of the way through his family's cross-country move from New Jersey to Los Angeles in 1976, Russell Miller stopped at Kent State's May 4 memorial site with his wife Marlene and his 3-year-old son Jeff. They stood together in the parking lot, where the shootings occurred six years prior, and stared up at the sky.

Why Can't Manufacturing Sell Itself to Millennials?

When high school teacher Jacob Krautkremer signed up for a four-day summer internship at Wyoming Machine Inc. in 2017, he was hopeful. An industrial technology teacher at Roseville Area High School in Minnesota, Krautkremer said he wanted to learn more about the manufacturing process and possibly create connections between his students and businesses.
Kent, a small town with big music

It's January 1974, and the Kent State Undergraduate Student Government has booked the up-and-coming artist Bruce Springsteen to perform on campus. To popular music fans at the time, it might not have sounded like a big deal. But to students at Kent State, they could sense Springsteen's super stardom before major radio stations ever thought to put his tracks on rotation.
REFLECTION: 'Shrill' gives us the body representation we needed

As a little girl, I grew up fantasizing about the day that I would miraculously lose weight and become the kind of person I'd always wanted to be: thin, and therefore, beautiful. My false hope for a fairytale weight-loss story is attributed to the movies and TV shows I grew up watching as a child.
Former professor writes book about Vietnam War, PTSD

In the winter of 2015, Barbara Child was seeking clarity. Why had she been plagued with phobias for most of her life? Was there a meaning behind them? She signed up for Pacifica Graduate Institute's four-week-long course on analytical psychology called, "Alchemy, Romanticism, The Red Book and the New Myth of Our Time" in hopes she'd find the answers she needed.
Former Kent student remembered for his love of music

To some, Ian Minnick was known as the lead guitarist for Akron-area alternative band Chil. However, to those who knew Minnick, he was known as a loving friend with a generous nature and thoughtful personality. Minnick, a former digital media production student, died Monday night, just a little over two weeks after his 22nd birthday.

Smart Manufacturing Institute Announces New Project

The Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII), a national institute for smart manufacturing, announced a request for proposals (RFP) for institute roadmap projects on Tuesday. An institute statement said the new RFP will involve small, medium and large manufacturers, and address essential "cross-industry technical challenges and cross-industry energy intensive manufacturing processes."
Notre Dame fire strikes the hearts of Kent community

As soon as smoke and flames were seen cascading out of the top of the Notre Dame cathedral late Monday afternoon in Paris, a universal cry of agony was called out by not only France, but the entire world. After senior fashion merchandising major Dominique Nottage heard about the fire and saw the images of the cathedral burning, she was shocked.

Industry Leaders Discuss the 'Good News, Bad News' of Manufacturing's Future

After releasing its most recent on public attitudes toward manufacturing a week prior, the Brookings Institution hosted the to discuss the survey's findings. The forum, which was split into two, one-hour panels, was moderated by , the vice president of Governance Studies at Brookings and director of the survey.
ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA: I signed offline for two months - here's why

Five websites, six accounts and no sense of reality - that's my life with social media. It started at the age of 11, when my older brother and his friends introduced me to Myspace. I went from being a carefree fifth grader to being a perfectionist with my online persona.

GM to Expand Production at Flint Truck Plant

General Motors Co. announced today they will be investing $150 million at the Flint Truck Assembly to increase production of the new Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra heavy-duty pickups. This new investment follows GM's May announcement to expand full-size pickup production capacity in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Opinion: Finding hope after 2016

My ears are hot. My face is warm. I'm excited. You'd think we were waiting for the Grammys to start, or possibly even attending them, but no, we're waiting for the first Democratic debate to begin.

Manufacturing's Potentially 'Ominous' Future

If you're unaware of the recent obstacles the manufacturing industry has faced, then you're probably not paying attention. Headwinds like President Trump's recent tariffs on Chinese goods, and recent declines in indexes like the Institute for Supply Management's Purchasing Managers Index inspired the Brookings Institute to conduct its most recent on attitudes toward manufacturing.

Best Bakeries: Great Scott's Bakery & Coffee Co.

Brunswick's dough spot offers scones, cookies, pepperoni rolls and more. Scott Totten remembers when his grandfather would wake him in the early morning hours on Saturday to roll out dozens of doughnuts by hand in the kitchen. "My grandmother would come down and be like, 'Did you eat any doughnuts,' " and we would be covered with powdered sugar," says Totten, laughing.

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After over fifty years of legendary work in the fashion industry, designer Karl Lagerfeld died today in Paris at the age of 85. Lagerfeld was known mainly for his famed work at Chanel, for which he was named creative director in 1983; and Fendi, for which he was named creative director in 1965.

5 Ways To Design Around Things You Love

From your favorite colors to meaningful antiques, these decorating tips can make a house your home. No one wants to step into a room that feels like it was lifted out of a furniture catalogue. But adding that personal touch while achieving a stylish, cohesive design can be tricky.

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Embody Your Image: Society's Influence on Self-perception

American society is built on the idea that to be thin is to be beautiful. It's ingrained in our minds from a young age that if you're thin, you're worthy; if you aren't thin, then you are dieting to one day become worthy. This idea is readily apparent in the media we consume.

Best Bakeries: Michael Angelo's Bakery

At first glance, Michael Angelo's corner bakery in a Broadview Heights plaza seems unassuming. But once you open the doors and step inside the brick shop, you're greeted by a large sanctuary of cakes, pastries, macarons, cupcakes, cannoli and other decadent sweets.

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Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Facial Oils

From a young age, we're taught that oily skin is our enemy. For some reason, we are encouraged by society (and our mothers) to reject anything for our face that involves oil-based products. Well, we're here to debunk that outdated myth. Imagine if you hadn't had water in days.

'Sweat' Depicts Blue Collar Struggles

Playing at Oucalt Theater, the Pulitzer Prize-winning drama examines the precursor and aftermath of the 2008 economic collapse. Cleveland Play House's new drama Sweat may be set five hours away in Reading, Pennsylvania, but the crumbling industrial community at its center is one countless Clevelanders can recognize.

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