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Abigail Marie


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My name is Abigail Marie and I am an aspiring author. I wish to use words to communicate ideas and concepts through stories.

I grew up in Long Island, NY with my family of ten. Ever since I was a little girl I have been in love with writing. I started by writing stories about animals that had problems and a wise owl would swoop in and save the day. Then, gradually, by the time I was twelve I finished my first novel (albeit, a crappy one, but hey, I was twelve). Since then, I have grown into a serious author wishing to spend my life writing stories. I strive to be original and authentic and move my readers.

I hope you will consider taking a look at my work. My wish for you is that it will affect you in some way. . .whether you are simply entertained, maybe convicted, or even changed.


Short Stories


19 year-old Maddie is stuck living with her abusive father and her ignorant mother. Because of what she is put through daily, Maddie resorts to self-harm. Her one wish is that she could leave her hell and find somewhere (or someone) that could keep her safe. And that is where Eddie comes in.

The Same Old Mistakes

A group of people meet every month to air out their mistakes.


To End My Life

Why does she want to end her life?