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Abhiram Rishi Prattipati

Staff Reporter at La Voz News

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First year student at De Anza college majoring in computer science.

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Toxic masculinity infects everyone

A mother's perspective By Shiri Marwaha Raising a boy in a world filled with masculine stereotypes and forcing norms of what men should or shouldn't do is challenging. The past twelve years were a breeze because he was too young to notice there was a gender disparity among his relatives.

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Meet your Candidates event presents 2019-2020 candidates

For the first time, every candidate running for the 2019-2020 DASB general elections was given a chance to speak during the Feb. 27 "Meet your Candidates Day" event hosted by the DASB. Candidates spoke in Conference Room A and B on solutions and ideas regarding various issues around campus.

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Films help combat mental health stigma

De Anza students shared their personal stories and viewpoints at the Movies for Mental Health event on Tuesday, March 12. The small-group discussions followed the viewing of films portraying mental health disorders such as schizophrenia, personality disorder, depression and PTSD. "I want to emphasize that everyone is an expert of their own experience," said Leyla...

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Raising the minimum wage does more harm than good

Increasing the minimum wage in California is beneficial to students who work, but is detrimental to employees and businesses of all demographics in the community as it can lead to competition, higher prices and other problems. With California's diverse economic regions, increasing the wage to $15 per hour in urban Los Angeles might be beneficial...

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New W grades for students who withdraw

If you are planning to drop a class because of an emergency or any other circumstance, a W grade can potentially help you out. The California Board of Governors passed the EW, or "Excused Withdrawal," in January 2018 to help students withdraw from courses for reasons beyond their control.

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Women's cross country teams qualifies for state championships after year gap

De Anza College women's cross country team athletes celebrate for qualifying the state championships after a year gap. "I am happy for them that they made it again. Last year was the first year in my coaching career we didn't have a women's team at the state meet," says Coach Nick Mattis.

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Police Chief Ron Levine to retire

Foothill-De Anza Police Chief Ronald Levine will retire on Dec. 20, after serving since 1972. "I am very proud of my career and my achievements; both personally and organizationally, that I have been able to accomplish," Levine wrote in an email to La Voz. Levine started as a cadet at the San Mateo County Sheriff's...

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Cross Cultural Partners program fosters connection between ESL, non-ESL students

ESL instructor Webb Hamilton leads Cross Cultural Partners program to help International students speak English fluently and assimilate with American culture, while giving non-ESL students insight different cultures. The program has currently about 200 students and they want an increase in it. Due to insufficient non-ESL volunteers, CCP staff find it difficult to pair students....

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Movies based on real life brutal tragedies bring new point of understanding

Movies based on aggressors behind real-life brutal tragedies should be encouraged by media and distributors as they not only show the aggressors perspective, but also shed light on mental health, abuse, weaponry and other issues that aren't given enough attention. Films with the lead character as the aggressor won't influence audience, especially teenagers, to commit...