Abby Holtzman

Associate Radio Producer at Interfaith Voices

Former student at Swarthmore College, Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. Former Journey Journalism Bootcamp Fellow.

Greg Lindquist on WetLand, Empathy, and Boat Cuisine

Greg Lindquist - artist, professor, and WetLand collaborator - is fashioning a harness out of rope. He secures himself in, ties the other end to a naked beam, and leans back, held firm by the same rope that is lashed around the dozens of hollow, blue drums keeping WetLand's garden barges afloat on the Delaware River.

Storytelling and the Search for Self

Abby Holtzman just graduated from Newton North High School in Newton, Massachusetts and will be attending Swarthmore College in the fall. The Drum was fascinated by her Senior Year Project on Storytelling and the Search for Self, and asked her to write about it for us.

For Some Students, Summer Means More Swarthmore

Swarthmore's campus may be bustling during the academic year, but even over the summer, activity continues to a degree that some may find surprising. In addition to the multiple athletic and language camps living in dormitories and using facilities, a large number of Swarthmore students choose to stay in the area during the long, warm months of June, July, and August.

In Wake of Phi Psi Pledge Poster, Administration Takes Disciplinary Action

According to Marian Firke '14, Swarthmore College has taken disciplinary action against Phi Psi after a snapshot of the fraternity's pledge bid, which contains a mosaic image composed of photos of naked women, circulated around campus. Firke is one of a number of students who have replicated the

Adolescence, Identity, and Storytelling: Zadie Smith Preaches to the Choir

By Abby Holtzman November 9, 2012 Zadie Smith, in her Wednesday lecture titled "Why Write?," acknowledged from the outset that taking on the identity of a writer can be demoralizing to the extreme. Writers, once they declare themselves to be so, must deal with feelings of "pointlessness, redundancy, and absurdity."

Preview: The Horizon (Line) Purposefully Eludes Description

Salvador Dali, the inscrutable, mustachioed figure both at the center and not of The Horizon (Line), was especially inspired by the painting The Angelus by Jean-Francois Millet. Millet's portrait of two figures bowed over a basket in a field shows up in several of Dali's surrealist works. Dali

Senior Company Offers Serious, Soulful Take on Human Connection

In this year's Senior Company production, The Cosmonaut's Last Message to the Woman He Once Loved in the Former Soviet Union, by David Greig, words fail the characters again and again. These quirky, yearning people reach out to those around them but fall short. Their words may not make contact

"The Maids" Artfully Explores Identity and Artifice

The Maids, Jean Genet's electric drama, begins with a play within a play and never quite drops the theme of fa├žade and artifice. This riveting Honors Acting Thesis is directed by guest artist Emmanuelle Depeche, a former member of Pig Iron Theatre Company.

"Burn This" Balances Dark and Light, Death and Life

By Abby Holtzman April 19, 2013 The theater department's production of "Burn This," written by Lanford Wilson and directed by Jeanette Leopold '13, is exquisite. In one of the first scenes, Anna (Anita Castillo-Halvorssen '15) delivers a monologue to her roommate Larry (Patrick Ross '15) that paints a chilling yet beautiful picture.