Hanan Ahlam Abboud

Digital Communications Consultant/Professional Writer/Human Rights Activist

Location icon Australia

Hey, I’m Hanan. I live in Australia and I am a cultural emissary of sorts. I tweet, tag, and share on the issues of human rights, technology, and culture. I am a fan of all things digital, from Blogging to Bitcoin. I am driven, dynamic, and lead by example. I am an experienced communicator, an innovative facilitator, and an enthusiastic collaborator. I speak three languages and teach in two. My greatest education has been the school of life, but I also have a degree or three, to satiate my voracious intellect.The most recent of these, a BA in Digital Communications. I create content, manage social media, and build websites. I am currently applying for a Masters in Human Rights.

Justice for all

Tonight, as we snuggle, lounge, and text, thirty million children will experience molestation, hunger, and fear. Tonight, thirty million displaced innocent souls, will be innocent no more.

The Hybrids

This Third culture is a hybrid collective composed of children who are products of a ‘mobile’ lifestyle. Known as Third Culture Kids or TCKs our numerous commonalities include the innate ability to foster cross cultural, aligning the disparities that exit between our home and host cultures.

The Story is in the Telling

The dichotomy between east and west has preoccupied scholars, politicians, and writers since ‎the early Napoleonic conquests. From Flaubert’s Bovary to Byron’s Turkish tales, early Orientalist ‎storytellers depicted the east and its people as decadent and barbaric ‘others’. This ongoing ‎discourse of east versus west, good versus bad, and ‘us’ versus ‘them’, continues to this day.‎

My Culture not “Hoochie, Couchie, Dance!”

From the early days of the European Enlightenment through to 20th century Colonialism, and still today, the fascination of West with East continues unabated. Middle Eastern culture has been both revered and reviled since early Orientalist fantasies first permeated Western consciousness.

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