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Abbianca Makoni

Multimedia news Journalist & Columnist

Location icon United Kingdom

Interests: Foreign home affairs, education and social issues. | Human element stories.

TV, online & radio.

Evening Standard
We need knife crime action, not chicken box slogans

I've spoken to people who hear gunshots on their street and students who carry knives because they're scared. They feel they have to hide their face underneath their hoodie to avoid being targeted, for going to a certain school, living in a particular borough or being in a particular family.

Foreign Report
NIGERIA: Child marriage and overcoming Fistula

Laraba's husband left her after she developed the pregnancy related disability aged 15 - she says she's now against the social traditions that stop women from getting maternal care.

State Violence and sadness: Reflections from a Zimbabwean abroad

November 2017 was a time of celebration for the citizens of Zimbabwe. The brutal Mugabe era had ended and his failing regime, a cause of continuous devastation, was finally over. Looking back at that time, I am now saddened by the feeling that the violence, devastation and faults within the country have worsened under the presidency of Emmerson Mnangagwa. We now appear to have reached a political impasse. We Zimbabweans either have to fight our way out or surrender and succumb to...

People’s news
Sterlite Industries: The under reported truth

A copious number of copper smelting plants owned by Vedanta were started in the outskirts of the Thoothukudi district and many other villages. After a decade of increased cancer rates, breathing issues and polluted groundwater the people of Tuticorin have been coming forward to show their frustrations and demand a change.

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