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Bad...In a good way

More and more organisations are being targeted in cyber-attacks, and they must get to know their enemy if they are to protect vital networks.

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Science Museum: Information Age Gallery

The new Science Museum information and communications gallery, Information Age, celebrates the course of connectivity and emphasises the influence of users on technological innovation.

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Shaping the bounds of reality

As the high-end computing resources needed to generate eye-popping on-screen effects become more available the VFX industry is playing an ever bigger part in shaping the cinematic experience.

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Warding off fraud

The healthcare industry is under attack, with imposters, fraudsters and cyber-criminals pretending to be people they are not to acquire personal patient data.

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Coming to a screen near you

Digital signage and display screen technologies are getting closer together - and are now integral to helping us find our way in the world.

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Aid projects bring ICT into focus

Africa is becoming a global player with the help of ICT vendors implementing their innovative technologies. Here we focus on examples of how the smart deployment of often basic ICT technology has brought big benefits to some of its communities.

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Turn on, log in, checkout

As point-of-sale systems embrace mainstream software, they will have to deal with the security threats that come with it. After all, what cybercriminal wouldn't go after Windows-based devices handling credit and debit cards? It is a simple fact of economics that consumers and retailers perpetually encourage one another towards ever greater convenience.

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Sensors: an A to Z

Sensor technology is now appearing everywhere, from kerbsides to kitchens, wheelie bins to robotic jellyfish - and sensors are increasingly proving themselves to be the critical interface between the virtual web and the Internet of Things.

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Securing the sale

For many shopkeepers Windows XP was a cheap and capable operating system on which to run their applications - but Microsoft has ended its support of XP as new retail-targeting malwares have appeared. And will new point-of-sale models prove any safer?

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Maggie Berry talks women

'Did you know women represent only 18 per cent of the IT workforce?' asks Maggie Berry, managing director of industry body Women in Technology.

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New ways to pay

The way consumers pay for goods has evolved for years, and contactless payment is the latest in convenience, but will it ever gain full acceptance?

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Bodies of evidence

Biometric authentication is finding more and more parts of the human body to prove we really are who we say we are. But will it ever fulfil the promise of so many sci-fi representations And will it ever be worth pursuing in preference to simpler checks

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Keep taking the tablets?

Patients around the world are increasingly benefiting from emerging e-health technology, but can it offer similar benefits for medical professionals?

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Fashion on the digital rise

The high street is facing a slump in sales, but can digital technologies reinvent the retail shopping experience?

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