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Aaron Yeung

"The water is free. So Drink. Drink and be filled up."

Location icon Canada

An award-winning creative writer who has done nothing to prove that he deserved it the first time around. Yet.

Love; what a Deafening Sound

In a dystopian future where all forms of music are banned, a man loses his wife and must find a piece of music they shared before he loses his sanity too.

The Last Being to Have Ever Been

An independent girl, to her joy, wakes up to discover that everyone has disappeared but is eventually forced to confront her loneliness.

My Kingdom for a Kiss Upon your Shoulder

A young boy fast-forwards to an adult life where his wishes come true only to find them empty and not as he expected. Inspired by Jeff Buckley's - Lover, You Should Come Over.

A Pleasure to Burn

A young mute girl, after stumbling across her cheating boyfriend, decides to travel to Burning Man to find self-liberation.