Aaron L. West



Ensign and Liahona
Drinking from the Fountain

This little article has influenced me more profoundly than anything else I have ever written. I think about it each time I worship and serve in the temple.

Ensign and Liahona
Sacred Transformations

The Vigil family joined the cumulative crowd of friends and family who have helped to mold my heart.

Church Newsroom
President Eyring Dedicates El Salvador Temple

I don't know if I will ever completely understand the experience I had at the dedication of the San Salvador El Salvador Temple. It was a privilege to send this article to the world. Special thanks to Heather Wrigley for her journalistic expertise.

Ensign and Liahona
"I Will Be Found of You"

Sometimes a teacher's simple statement sends me on a life-changing journey.

Ensign and Liahona
Wilford Woodruff: Contending for the Faith

From 2003 to 2005, I studied President Wilford Woodruff's life and teachings. It was an honor to write this article so my fellow Saints could come to know my friend.

Liahona and Ensign
Learning to Hear the Lord's Voice

My stake patriarch, who is a former seminary teacher, carries a copy of this article with his scriptures.

Dunford Family Reunion
Our Story

My friend asked me to help him develop a video that would be engaging for youth at a family reunion. I wrote a script that would involve some of the youth from the beginning.