Valentina Cipriani

Freelance Journalist

Location icon United Kingdom

MA International Journalist at City University of London. Work experiences at The Conversation, OnLondon, Archants, RightsInfo.

Words in English and Italian on technology, society, international politics, books and London life.

Are We at a Turning Point for Workers' Rights in the Gig Economy?

Recent sentences have ruled in favour of gig economy workers, stating that they cannot be regarded as self-employed and asserting their right to holiday and sick pay. Will Uber, Deliveroo, and the others be forced to change their business model?

On London
Will EU citizens use London borough elections to send a message on Brexit?

Valentina Cipriani is doing a masters course in international journalism at City University. This is her first piece for On London. London's borough elections on 3 May could be the last time non-UK EU citizens are entitled to vote in the capital and pro-Remain parties are keen for them to turn out and use their...

Data Collection For A Smarter London : Yay Or Nay?

A third of Londoners believe that collecting personal data to improve public services is a bad idea, a recent poll has found. In a YouGov survey commissioned by the Smart London Board, the public opinion split between a third who sees data sharing with the purpose of building a smarter city as positive, a third who sees it as negative and a third who is not sure.

Are Health Apps Protecting Our Medical Data?

Medical applications have revolutionised health care: they can help women to plan a pregnancy, book an appointment with an online GP and help people with diabetes to keep their sugar levels under control. But to do so, they collect a huge amount of highly sensitive medical data.

On London
Lonely London: what can the boroughs do?

Fixing people's loneliness may look like too hard a task for a borough election candidate to address. But loneliness is slowly being recognised as a public health issue in London and charities say that the capital's local authorities can do a lot to tackle it. Age UK, which works with older people and campaigns "to...

Italian Election Live
Italian Election Live

The story of some fascist parties running for the Italian election was all over the international news just a couple of weeks ago. During the electoral campaign this new wave of fascism and anti-fascism movements created a tense climate in the boot-shaped peninsula.