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Mia Taylor is the Editor-In-Chief of timebusinessnews.com and loves to write about lifestyle, fitness and business. She surrounds herself with good food and good company and is deeply interested in health, travel and style.

Manage Your Finances Like a Pro: Smart And Effective Tips

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living or how much money you earn on a monthly basis, managing your personal finances is never a simple task. There are a lot of unplanned spendings and some people are simply not disciplined enough.

Fashion Police
6 Beauty Trends That Will Likely Rule This Year

From social media feeds to the biggest runways in the world, every new year brings new beauty trends we simply have to try out and 2020 is no different. But unlike the last few seasons, it seems like this year is going to be all about fun, playfulness and over-the-top looks that allow you to express your personality through glossy textures, daring shades, and endless sparkles.

NaomiDestiny.com | All Things Inspirational
The Story Behind the Fashion You Buy

In a world of mass media where every highly kept secret is bound to surface and end up on your social media feed, it's kind of impossible to not think about the cruelty and injustice going on in the world.

Sivana East
7 Easy Steps To Make Your Own Healthy Routine

People often make an excuse for escaping healthy routines and habits because they 'don't feel like having to live by other people's rules'. However, having no routine or system is actually much more detrimental, both mentally, emotionally, and physically.

5 Sunday Prep Tips For An Insanely Productive Week

Everybody loves their weekends, but by Sunday evening, panic usually strikes because you want an insanely productive week. You're aware of the hectic week that lies ahead of you, and you've only got hours until it all starts. One way to avoid dreading your workweek and to regain control over the tasks you've set for yourself is by being prepared.

The Art of Solo Female Travelling

Another great recommendation would be to get to know your chosen destination before arriving. How much research you do will depend on your personal travel style, but a good idea would be to get familiar with the map, find some interesting places and landmarks, and, most importantly, learn about any safety issues.

Beauty Wellbeing
Pros and Cons of Natural Makeup

If there's one thing that's been getting a lot of attention in the last couple of years, then it's definitely the benefits of using natural makeup, beauty and cosmetic products in general. Of course, although there are plenty of those in favour of natural and organic cosmetics, there are those willing to indicate some less beneficial sides of these products.

Beauty and the Mist
Technology Every Home Should Have - Beauty and the Mist

While the renewed gadget-craze has spawned all sorts of more or less useful items such as Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-enabled spoons, toasters with selfie cameras, etc., in truth there's only a shortlist of high-tech accessories that bring real usefulness through innovation. Having a great bandwidth is one thing, but can you deliver the great internet speed to all devices at once?

Haute People
The World's Best Cruise Holidays for 2019

For many people, a cruise is a dream come true - seeing the wide blue ocean and travelling the world as you sip cocktails and live in the lap of luxury for a while, and finally enjoying a completely stress-free vacation.