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Tom Cottey is a freelance film journalist & short film maker. He is an alumnus of the Berlinale Talent Press 2013, has covered Cannes for the Nisimazine and his writing has been published by Little White Lies, Grolsch Film Works, New Empress Magazine & Permanent Plastic Helmet among others. As a filmmaker he has worked with organisations including CODOC, Guerrilla Zoo & Carnesky Productions. He also runs a blog called Reflections, with the aim of promoting cultural diversity through cinema.



The Cinematic Rebirth of Alejandro Jodorowsky
(p.26 & 27)
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The master sound designer and film editor Walter Murch reveals the secrets of good sound.
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Developing a career as a film critic in Britain is no mean feat. The competition is fierce, but becoming a film critic starts with assuming a vocation, rather than a job title.
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Top 10 Far Out Horror Movies
With the release of Peter Strickland’s audacious, giallo-inspired Berberian Sound Studio, we thought we'd take a look at the horror genre at its most frighteningly ‘far out’....
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The Worst Films of All Time
In 1974 Robert De Niro and Al Pacino first shared the silver screen in The Godfather Part II, arguably the greatest gangster film ever made. In 1995 they enjoyed the most...
Gerald Kargl's Angst and Its Influence
A look at Angst (1983), a controversial Austrian horror film, in the 6th print edition of New Empress Magazine.
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Cannibal Holocaust: The Heart of Darkness in Film
To celebrate the upcoming launch of issue 6, our B-Movie special, Tom Cottey takes a closer look at Ruggero Deodato’s controversial exploitation flick: Cannibal Holocaust.
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Marley - Reggae on Screen
With Kevin MacDonald's latest putting Caribbean rhythm centre stage, we remember the vibrant, incendiary and oft forgotten genre of the reggae film.
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Jafar Panahi - Imprisoned for his Films
On December 20th 2010 one of Iran’s strongest cinematic voices was forcibly silenced.


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David Lassiter Interview
Cannes 2013 interview - Nick Clifford
Interview with Nick Clifford, start of The Opportunist
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Interview - Matthew Mishory
Interview with Matthew Mishory, director of A Portrait of James Dean: Joshua Tree 1951
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Talent Press meets a working producer and director, with a particularly personal project in the Berlinale Co-Production Market.
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The provocative Dutch director talks to the Talent Press about reconciling art and entertainment.


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Our Heroes Died Tonight - review
(p. 33)
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Até ver a luz - Review
(p. 22)
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All The Things - Review
(p. 65)
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Babaga - Review
(p. 64)
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Butter Lamp - Review
(p. 84)
Screen shot 2013-02-18 at 18.11.53
Danis Tanovic captures an intimate episode among a Roma family in Bosnia.
Screen shot 2013-02-18 at 18.08.26
Anne Kodura’s meticulously composed documentary struggles to outgrow its childlike gaze.
Sightseers - Review
When it was announced that director Ben Wheatley would follow his chilling sophomore feature Kill List with a comedy, it would have been entirely reasonable to breathe a sigh of...
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Big Boys Gone Bananas!* Review
Big Boys Gone Bananas!* makes for a compelling look at how multinationals work to maintain immaculate public relations.
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You Only Live Once Review
Made in 1937 by visionary German director Fritz Lang, shortly after he fled the Nazi regime to America, You Only Live Once is an early representation of the film noir genre in...
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Go To Blazes DVD Review
Released in 1962 Go To Blazes represents British cinema at an uneasy stylistic point: somewhere between the post-war whimsy of the Carry On films and the more dynamic, ‘swinging...
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Las Acacias Review
Las Acacias directed by Pablo Giorgelli is a beautifully crafted homage to transport.
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Black Gold Review
Despite its craven desire for political relevance, this longwinded handling of a fairly simple story feels tame and antiquated.

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