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Kelsey Machado Santos

Freelance Screenwriter

Location icon Canada

My First Draft Specs: Horror, Crime, Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy.

Note: All documents in this portfolio are samples only, and are not for distribution or reproduction without permission of the author.

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int. HIGH CONCEPT -- feature

HORROR 22/110 pp
The Light of Darkness

Setting sail in the tropics, a group find themselves in a mysterious time zone, leaving them stranded to a tropical island that is home to a cannibal.

ACTION 39/110 pp.
The Catch

Modified at birth, separated, led into separate lives, twin androids collide, go head to head in a battle of Good vs Bad.

HORROR 30/110 pp.
In The Black

Sinkholes devastating a small town, leave its citizens to an evacuation plan, the brave few who stay behind, dispelled into the gates of a carnivorous black out.


HORROR 62/110 pp.
In The Red

After being arrested, had served time for murdering two fellow anthropology classmates, Peter is out to revive himself, his stand in the world of medical science.

DRAMA 39\110 pp.
Inductive Confinment

Two young women from different backgrounds are brought together from in a tangled web of kidnapping and extortion.

HORROR 32\110 pp.
Silver Bullet

Leroy, now a man, a long way from home, finds himself struggling with more than he can handle from in this move to the big city, being no longer in the grips of a wilderness.


ADULT 9 pp.
His Gypsy Curse

Fed up with life at home, its surroundings, his wife, Kelsey decides to take a long drive, following directions off a Gypsy's pamphlet.

HORROR 14 pp.

Hearing about a horrific murder, a veterinarian comes to grips with one of her past clients, a medical file she, with the help of her assistant, connects to the murder.

HORROR 3 pp.
Grim Jackal

A 3 page silent (no dialogue) surrounding an old apartment building under a gloom, late evening sky.


ACTION 59 pp.
Secretarial 6

F.B.I Sandra Down is out to confront the city's elite, its power figures with her suspicion of a New World Order scheme, their plot for mass destruction.

HORROR 117 pp.
The Possession of Cain

A disruption of murders, the bloody evil symbols left behind at the scenes, leaves a P.I. suspecting a Preist who had hired him for an eye on the investigation, a prime suspect.

int. original spec -- rough draft -- not for option

COMEDY 45/110 pp.
The Misfit

Special Agent, Warren Ward, a man of mystery, his wild characteristics, is teamed with a troubled C.S.I, and an F.B.I, in order to take down a worldwide terrorist threat.

ACTION 46/110 pp.

Placed top in advanced driving tests, Officer Tommy Thompson and Detective Kelsey Machado are teamed up with a Ferrari named, Creep, and Jessica; a Lamborghini.

HORROR 39/110 pp.
Blood Hungry

An evolutional scientific breakthrough had been discovered. It's an immortal remedy. Now backfired, it results in a graphic presentation before a judge and jury.

HORROR 24/110 pp.
Wild Field

A women's book club is inviting the elite, its discreet members who indulge in the darker side, to an island getaway, a place for members only, where men are unwelcome.

SCI-FI 34/110 pp
Untitled SCI-FI

The government finds itself in a bloody hostile Alien takeover.

HORROR 35/110 pp.

A small-town church's diabolic prodigy, a creation long forgotten, awakens them to the nightmare of its survival, a vengeance challenged by the law.