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I am a senior print-online journalism major at the Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture at Virginia Commonwealth University. I'm a contributing writer to the Commonwealth Times, RVA Mag, and GayRVA.com. I'm also a contributing reporter to Capital News Service which has seen my work published on such sites as InsideNOVA, The Associated Press, and The Washington Post.

Black minds matter | Activists shed light on consequences of racial fatigue

After the fatal shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille, two black men killed by white police officers last summer, 24-year-old VCU senior Brittney Maddox decided she had enough. "When they got publicized back-to-back, I found that I was really tired and exhausted and I had to shut all of my social media off," Maddox said.

AP News
Legislative panel keeps photo ID requirement

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - A legislative subcommittee killed an attempt Tuesday to repeal Virginia's requirement that voters show a photo ID at the polls. A subcommittee of the House Privileges and Elections Committee voted to shelve HB 1904, which would have eliminated the mandate that registered Virginia voters present a driver's license, passport or other government-issued photo ID in order to vote.

Sen. Mark Warner introduces two bipartisan student loan debt bills in Congress

Debt is a sobering reality for many graduating students, but U.S. Sens. Mark Warner (D-Virginia) and Marco Rubio (R-Florida) introduced the Dynamic Repayment Act in Congress last week in an attempt to help college students better pay off the cost of college. According to 2014 statistics, the average VCU student accumulates more than $32,000 in debt alone.

With key Bernie Sanders endorsement, Tom Perriello hits campaign trail

RICHMOND - In his bid for the Democratic nomination for governor, Tom Perriello says he would make community college free, raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and confront the Trump administration over its policies on immigration and other issues. Perriello - who has won an endorsement from Vermont Sen.

The Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project braces for next four years

Venue, restaurant and bar Strange Matter opened its doors on Nov. 22 for a punk show to benefit the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project (RRFP), a non-profit volunteer run organization that helps fight for reproductive justice and provide financial aid for people in need of abortions.

Richmond City Council urges Stoney to cooperate with tax audit

After Mayor Levar Stoney's administration initially denied City Auditor Umesh Dalal the ability to review city tax-collection efforts, the two parties reached an agreement last Tuesday, although it is unclear if they are on the same page about what is being audited.

The Daily Progress
Bill would exempt fracking chemicals from FOIA

RICHMOND - Open-government advocates are alarmed at a legislative subcommittee's approval of a bill that would hide from the public record the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing. Megan Rhyne, executive director of the Virginia Coalition for Open Government, said House Bill 1678 would violate the public's right to know about possible environmental and health hazards posed by fracking.

RVA Magazine
Third party candidate Vermin Supreme wants to kill baby Hitler, give every American a pony; catch...

Posted by: brad - Dec 28, 2016 Performer, activist, artist, libertarian--Vermin Supreme has worn many hats, though he's best known for wearing a boot. A staple of the political scene for over 20 years, Supreme has a made a name for himself in the last decade by running for President of the United States dressed as a wizard with a boot on his head, running on a platform of toothbrushing, ponies, and of course absurdity.