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GSM Tasks
Otis - Efficient and eco-friendly thanks to GSM Tasks - GSMtasks

Otis is an elevator maintenance and installation company, based in Helsinki, Finland, with branches all over the world. They were one of our very first customers over two and a half years ago, and approached us when they needed an external solution for the digitisation of job sheets and paperwork associated with maintenance callouts.

Starship Technologies
Hello, Robot!

Ghostwritten for Ahti Heinla, co-founder and CTO at Starship Technologies I see robots every day. I see them gliding down the sidewalks at pedestrian speed, stopping to make sure it's safe to cross the road. Sometimes I even catch them talking with pedestrians. It's a glimpse into the fantasies of the technologically minded - an AI wonderland.

Irish Tech News | GSM Tasks
London cupcake deliveries driven by real-time virtual solution

GSM Tasks celebrate the success of their relationship with trendy London bakery Lola's Cupcakes, who currently use the company's subscription-based portal that runs across a network of employees' and contractors' smartphones, feeding real-time delivery information to a central desktop dashboard underpinned by readily available mapping services.

Case Study: Right Bite, UAE | CompuCash

Healthy food meets reliable, fast and convenient POS ecosystems Client case study - Right Bite, UAE Our client, Right Bite, is a company specialising in healthy, nutritious foods based in Dubai and founded in 2004. They currently describe themselves as, "a specialised centre for expert nutritional consultation and bespoke gourmet healthy meal delivery service".

Irish Tech News | Kisko Labs
Can technology save us from itself? By Daniel James Coll

Can technology save us from itself? Technology has undoubtedly changed the way we live our lives. It's changed our social habits, it's changed our relationships and it's changed the way we access information, and of course the sheer amount of that information.
How does nature heal stress?

There are few things in life as relaxing as sitting at the edge of lapping waves on a warm Mediterranean beach of an evening, taking a slow stroll through an orchard in summer or picking berries or mushrooms in the luscious green forests of Estonia.

The Coingaming Group
Scaling up and Doubling down

Ghostwritten for Tim Heath, CEO ofThe Coingaming Group. I love poker; the opportunity, the pressure, the quick decision making, the money management, the calculation of pot odds and ROI, the execution of a strategy for setting up a hand against a specific opponent, the blending of mathematics, probability and human psychology.

Daniel James Coll: nägu naerule, Eesti! Vähemalt ei ela te Stanleys

Meie, britid, kohe armastame kurta ja ägada. Me kurdame oma töö, valitsuse, kohalikus pubis pakutava toidu, Euroopa, prantslaste, liikluse ja leivahinna pärast, aga eelkõige kurdame ilma pärast. Ja selleks on ka kõigiti põhjust: meie ilm on lihtsalt jube, kirjutab kolumnist Daniel James Coll.

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