Tracy Cassagnol MD

Phyisician, Writer, Educator

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I am a board-certified family medicine physician with a background in journalism. I am passionate about my patients, telling stories and sharing my knowledge with others.

The Face of Tuberculosis: Young and HIV negative

The music drifted through the hallways, past other patient rooms, and through the nurses station. It became the background of our work and, after a time, even the other patients were humming the tune. When we visited the patient in Room 25, his guitar was always in his hands, his mask on his face at an angle.
'Concussion' again puts spotlight on sports-related head trauma ::

The Christmas Day opening of "Concussion," starring Will Smith as the doctor credited with shedding light on the dangers of concussions in football, gives the issue its biggest spotlight yet. Smith plays Dr. Bennet Omalu, a forensic pathologist whose autopsy of former Pittsburgh Steelers' center Mike Webster identified a degenerative brain disease called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, or CTE.

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