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Toni Hoy has been writing and ghostwriting for nearly 15 years, covering such topics as boards of directors, corporate business, insurance, digital marketing, mental health, and senior care. She found her passion for writing and made a career switch after many years in her first career as an insurance agent.

Toni is the author of the nonfiction work, “Second Time Foster Child,” where she shares her family’s struggles in dealing with state social service systems. She shares related articles in magazines such as Adoption Today and Empirical. USA Today and also published articles on other topics written by Toni.

In the business field, Toni managed the website, blog articles, and social media platforms for an insurance agency in the Chicago suburbs for ten years. She has also ghostwritten thousands of articles, including a column for the Forbes Communications Council for a digital marketer.

As a volunteer, Toni has served on the board of directors for the Community and Residential Services Authority, which is an Illinois state authority. She is also currently on the board of directors for Hope Meadows, an intergenerational community for seniors and foster/adoptive families. As a member of NAMI, Toni is a state trainer for Family Support Groups.

Toni has earned a number of awards for advocacy including a congressional award, Angels in Adoption by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, and the NAMI National Outstanding Member of the Year.

Educational Background
Toni Hoy received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Thomas Edison State University. She was the recipient of the Arnold Fletcher Award.


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Adoption and Complex Trauma

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