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Tom O'Keefe

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My writing career thus far has consisted of online film criticism for, and snappy Facebook status updates. I previously worked in radio but I am currently the Marketing Manager for The Family Arena in St. Charles. I can be heard reviewing films on KTRS with John Carney or online at with Thom West & Joe Dinero. I am also the host of a weekly film podcast called Reel Spoilers available on iTunes.


Short Fiction

Lindenwood Review
Night of A Thousand Clowns

Night of A Thousand clowns is a short story that was originally published in the Lindenwood Review. The Lindenwood Review is the literary journal of Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri, produced by the university's MFA in Writing Program. The journal is published annually each spring and focuses on fiction, poetry, and personal essays.

Industry Blogging

FAQ - Can I Meet The Band?

FAQ - Can I Meet The Band? "Can I meet the band?" That is probably one of the most frequently asked questions we get in this industry. Here's the short answer - No. Here's the longer answer - Most likely no. Ok, that was an admittedly flippant answer.

Family Arena FAQ - How Do I Get the Best Seats

FAQ - How Can I Get the Best Seats? "How do I get the best seats?" It always infuriated me when teachers would reply to a question with a question but in this situation I can't help myself. How does one define "best seats"?

Film Reviews

Tom O'Keefe Reviews "Eat Pray Love"

Julia Roberts returns to headlining films with Eat, Pray, Love . Roberts plays Liz Gilbert, a travel writer "trapped" in an unhappy marriage. And by "trapped" I mean "they have no children and she makes all the money."

Joss Whedon's THE AVENGERS Sure to Hulk Smash Box Office (Review)

After a five-film prologue The Avengers have finally, well...assembled. It's been four years since Marvel Studios first telegraphed their intentions in a post-credit sequence of Iron Man . It was a bold move that sent geek-world hearts aflutter.


Some Blessed, Most Damned: 7 TV Show Resurrections

Easter weekend seems like a good time to write about Easter-themed TV. But after Here Comes Peter Cottontail things get a little sparse. So instead of focusing on bunnies, we'll focus on resurrection. Not of religious figures or of TV characters, but of TV shows themselves. Antenna Free TV is an independent online entertainment magazine with a focus on television. We offer sharp TV criticism, fun, timely features, and opinion pieces inspired by what we’re watching. (Lucky for you, we’re...

In Honor of Easter, Six Unusual Movies Featuring Rabbits

Easter is almost upon us so I wanted to do a list that fit the season. A list of movies about Jesus seemed like it would either be boring or get me in a lot of trouble. And since I enjoy neither of those things I figured I would find a slightly less controversial topic this week.

Movies You Probably Didn't Know Were Remakes, in Honor of 'Evil Dead'

This week in theaters we have Evil Dead . The film is remake (reboot? Sequel? Re-imagining? I don't know what we're calling these things anymore) of the 1981 cult classic. The film's description is made all the more confusing given that the original film had sequel (Evil Dead II ) that might have actually been a remake.

Movies That Were Box Office Disasters, In Honor of 'After Earth'

Last week saw the release of Will Smith's After Earth . It was execrable. (You can read my review here.) While I felt it was the worst film of Smith's career it's also turning out to be a box office disaster as well opening in third place; previously unthinkable for a Will Smith picture.

Radio & Internet Appearances

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