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Making soccer goals helped GEICO SVP Rick Hoagland achieve business goals

WOODBURY, N.Y., May 19, 2020 - GEICO Senior VP Rick Hoagland's trajectory toward success didn't start 26 years ago when he was hired as a telephone claims rep at GEICO's Fredericksburg, Virginia, office; it began years earlier on the soccer field, where both wins and losses offered lessons that have been blueprints for his life.

Historian Who Inspired the Broadway Play 'Hamilton' Visits GW

By T. Kevin Walker Ron Chernow won the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for his biography "Washington: A Life," but it was another one of Mr. Chernow's six bestsellers that brought him Wednesday evening to the George Washington University-named for the nation's first president. That irony was not lost on Mr. Chernow.

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Sally Kohn Says too Many Americans Live in ‘Bubbles’

Writer and political commentator Sally Kohn says hate festers because most Americans live in bubbles surrounded by people who look, think and believe as they do. "Fifty-three percent of Americans don't know a Muslim person," she said. "Most Hillary voters don't know a Trump voter.

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