Tiffany Young

Freelance Copywriter Specializing in Real Estate, Mortgage, and Travel Content

United States

You need dazzling written content that intrigues your prospective clients and keeps your readers interested. With a wide range of writing experience and a passion for the English language, that's precisely what I can provide for you.

I specialize in creating blogs, property descriptions, bios, social media posts, Google ads, flyers, and more for the real estate, mortgage, and travel industries.

Whether it is copywriting to engage your potential clients or blogging to inform your readers, I am dedicated to providing the stunning material you need.

Do you need a writer? Check out my portfolio below and email me at [email protected] to discuss your options.

Private Client
How Do Reverse Mortgages Work?

Many homeowners have heard of reverse mortgages but are unsure of exactly how they work. While reverse mortgages aren’t for everyone, they can be a good way to help seniors fund retirement, pay off debt, or supplement their income.

Private Client
Twin Chimney Farmhouse with Scenic Mountain Views

Wake up to serene mountain views each morning with this breathtaking Fairfield home. Built in 1952, yet recently updated, it has the appeal of a mid-1900s farmhouse with all the grandeur of a modern home.

Private Client
30 Real Estate Tips for Instagram

1. Make sure your home’s lighting is on point – bright, cheerful homes sell better! 2. Conceal all signs of indoor pets. When preparing to show your home, send Fido to doggy daycare and remove his food and water bowls...

Private Client
Loan Officer Assistant Bio

Katherine knows that the mortgage business isn’t always about making a sale – it’s more about caring for others and figuring out how you can best help them. To her, giving back is the best approach.

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8 Important Steps to Purchasing a Home

Are you thinking about buying a new home and are unsure of what steps you need to take? Some buyers find this process overwhelming, especially first-time homebuyers. But just like with anything else – knowledge is power. Understanding and following these steps can make purchasing a home a little less stressful!

Private Client
The Top 4 Caves to Visit in Gatlinburg

Did you know that Tennessee is home to over 10,000 caves, which is the most of any U.S. state? Spelunking, or exploring caves, is a popular hobby in many regions of the state. Discover magnificent caverns in the Gatlinburg area by checking out one of the four listed below.

Private Client
How to Help Children Handle a Move

Children become attached to their homes, even if they’ve only lived there a couple years. To them, it can feel like their entire lifetime! If you’re planning a move, here are a few tips for helping your child transition into your new home more smoothly.

Private Client
The Top 10 Golf Courses to Play in Arizona

Arizona, also known as the Grand Canyon State, is home to many luxurious, world-renowned golf courses. Golf has been a part of Arizona’s culture since 1919 when Phoenix Country Club, the state’s first golf course, opened. Since then, a lot of things have changed but one thing remains the same: Golfing in the state of Arizona provides breathtaking Sonoran Desert views and unique, memorable experiences!