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I'm a freelance writer who helps businesses to grow by expanding their visibility online with engaging blog posts, articles, and web copy. I also write social media posts and employees bios. I'm very knowledgeable about online marketing, and what it takes for a business to succeed in the modern online marketplace. I pride myself in providing great information, engaging readers, and communicating a company's message in a clear, authentic way. Contact me today to see how I can fill your company's content needs.



10 Creatures With Really Strange Bodily Functions - Listverse

In the animal kingdom, there is no shortage of odd bodily functions to keep you wondering what on Earth Mother Nature was thinking. What can we say about the workings of the animal kingdom? We have much in common with our animal friends, and yet we have many differences.

10 More Strange Moments In The History Of The Nobel Awards - Listverse

Auctioned-off prizes? Snubbed literary giants? Beef with Russia? Yeah, the Nobel Prize has that. We at Listverse have already gone through 10 odd occurrences in the course of the Nobel Prize's history. It seems that everyone has their own opinions about the prize winners and the award itself.

10 Eerily Well-Preserved Remains Of Extinct Animals - Listverse

We've all seen the documentaries with archaeologists carefully using a small brush to dust away dirt from the remains of some long-dead creature. Finding the brittle remnants of an extinct animal is pretty typical in this field. But once in a while, researchers discover remains that are so well preserved that they earn a spotlight of their own.

10 Captivating Stories Of Escape During The Slave Era - Listverse

Movies like 12 Years a Slave give us a good idea of what the desperate escape to freedom must have been like for many African-American slaves. But the following accounts are equally as captivating. Such fine examples of luck, trickery, and pure dogged determination deserve to be noticed.

10 More Incredible Ways Nature Beat Us In Technology - Listverse

We human beings have managed some amazing accomplishments: skyscrapers, space travel, deep-sea diving, and Dilbert comics, among other things. Yet as clever as we are, we still have much to learn from our fellow earthlings. Plants and animals demonstrate amazing feats of engineering all the time.

Top 10 Children Of Notorious Murderers - Listverse

High-profile killers are served justice when caught, but what happens to the children of these monsters in the wake of their atrocities? When we read and hear stories of infamous murderers, we naturally become fixated on the perpetrators and their stories.

Bluehost and HostGator

7 Content Curation Resources to Use Now | HostGator Blog | Gator Crossing

Written by Taylor Hawes Content curation is the process of cherry-picking the best pieces of content surrounding a specific theme. According to an infographic published by Mashable, 571 websites are created, 347 WordPress blog posts are published, and 3,600 Instagram pictures are uploaded in any given minute.

Using Google's Disavow Links Tool | Official Bluehost Blog

There are many factors that influence SEO, including keyword density, social signals, and even website speed. Link building is probably the most well-known and discussed factor of them all. By now you realize that link building is a powerful tool in your SEO arsenal, but that tool can be a double-edged sword.

Freelance Writing - Inkwell Editorial

Why Freelance Writers Need To Unplug Now and Again: Do You?

July 16, 2013 I don't know about you, but as a freelance writer, I'm certainly guilty of spending too much time online. This isn't new. I first discovered the internet at age 12, when I would go to my aunt's house and use her dial-up modem to access AOL ( yes, dial-up; I know you remember!

Freelance Writing as a Career: Do You Have "One Day" Disease?

June 18, 2013 It's a benign enough phrase: " One day." It's the ubiquitous placeholder for those of us in the adult world who feel too overwhelmed with everyday life to assign time frames to "nonessential" things. Usually it's followed with a desirable action, and then with a reason (read: excuse) as to why we can't proceed with said action just yet.