Full-Time Student, Part-Time Aspirational Copywriter

United Kingdom

Hi! I'm Abigail and I am entering my final year(!!!) of university, studying Fashion Communication and Promotion. So I know a thing or two about creating forward-thinking ways of promoting and communicating a brand through mediums that are most effective in reaching their consumer.

I'm looking to gain experience in copywriting. I have a passion for creative writing and a dream of bringing other people's dreams and visions to life. Whether this is creating social media content, email marketing, or website copy!

I hope you find something eye-catching in my (currently small but mighty) portfolio and I also hope that you take a chance on me (pardon the Abba song) and allow me to help you bring a great idea to life!

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Zoologist's New Perfume - The Urban Fox

Please read first: During my first year of university, we had a guest lecture by Nick Gilbert - Creative Director at Olfiction. A brand created in 2016, with an amazing list of clients, from companies such as Penhaligon's and Charlotte Tilbury to Formula 1. During a workshop, Nick challenged us t...