Emma Brown

Freelance Brand Copywriter | The Word Concierge

United Kingdom

Hi! I'm Emma and I'm a copywriter.

Here you'll find my portfolio with client work and samples. Like it? Love it? You can hire me to craft the same experience for your own audience.

Niche sector (but not limited to):
Lifestyle | Wellness | Hospitality

Web Copy (homepages, about page, FAQs, landing pages)
Lead Magnets

Have an amazing brand? Then tell your story with copy that people want to read!

So, what's your story?

Sample Piece
Blog - Cosmetics / Perfume

A cosmetics blog focusing on 'Perfume for Non-Perfume Wearers'. Featuring skin scents and traditional perfume information, as well as suggested products. Image by Cottonbro from Pexels

University Event
Email Invite - MBA Alumni Supper Club

Email invite detailing an on-campus university event for local alumni, including information on guest speaker, event outline, and networking opportunities. Image by I. Boran from Pexels