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Nya Abernathy

Writer, Speaker, & Consultant

Location icon United States

I'm an Atlanta native who believes that food, culture, and relationships are gifts from God to be fully enjoyed. I've been writing since I can remember, and utilized this passion in lyrics, narratives, and didactic exhortation. I'm rarely intimidated by the stage, though I am grateful for the healthy dose of nerves I have when it's time to take it.

My focus now is on writing and presenting for individuals, small group, and large gatherings around the reality of dignity - the intrinsic worth and value we all have simply because we exist. I believe that magnifying Imago Dei illuminates dignity, causing a ripple effect of authentic connection, heart bravery, and graciousness towards each other.

Rashidat Odeyemi
Daring to Lead - Brene, Leadership, & Dignity

Dr. Brene Brown has pulled her years of research into a pointed, challenging, and utterly human leadership book, Dare to Lead. It can be described as many things but know the Dare to Lead is, at it's foundation, a spiritual book. It calls us as managers, employers, co-workers,

Journey to Dignity-III : Created Well

III in a series of IV on How Dignity Discovered Me And I praise you because of the wonderful way you created me. Everything you do is marvelous! Of this I have no doubt. Psalm139:14 CEV This part of my Journey to Dignity was the longest, stretching over about a decade.

Journey to Dignity-IV : Vulnerability & Dignity

IV in a series of IV on How Dignity Discovered Me Keep reaching across the table and feed each other. - Yolanda King The beginning of our story - I mean the very beginning - is beautiful. It is hopeful and lovely and amazing. The same One Who created the whole universe had a thought one day.

The Unravelling : The Hidden Treasure in Your Marriage

With anxiety and discomfort preceding my words, I took a breath and broke the silence of our car ride home from church. "I don't know why, but I know I feel hurt and lonely in our marriage." Usually I can do a pretty informed deep dive into my emotional state, but this time I was at a loss.

The Hang-Up of Healing - Nya Abernathy | The Dignity Effect - Medium

The thought of healing can initially be accompanied by visions of light rays coming through white clouds in a blue sky. Or maybe an individual standing in a field with their head slung back and their arms open wide. Or a smoothed skinned, bright eyed, wide-smiled face. That is the hope.

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