Terron Watkins

Public Relations Specialist

Location icon United States of America

I am a graduate of Longwood University. I spent my four years learning and perfecting my passion, ultimately leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. Before becoming a proud member of Longwood University COMMunity I spent my early life growing up in Richmond, Virginia. I hope that in this digital portfolio my skills in writing traditional media as well as digital media is displayed.

academic Journal
Who Am I online?

This is a senior thesis detailing how African American males who attend predominantly white institutions feel about discussing issues of race on their social media platforms.

Moton Museum Brochure

In this Brochure the ability to relay an message as well as create an aesthetically pleasing medium is showcased.

White Paper
Abortion White Paper

This position paper displays that when asked to take a particular stance, I have the ability to not only appeal to the emotions of the reader but to the logic of the audience as well.