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Tegan Francis

Final-year Student

Location icon United Kingdom

I'm a final-year student at Cardiff University who thoroughly enjoys the challenge of producing engaging and entertaining content for a wide range of audiences. Writing for InterNations, Page_Refresh, and Quench (the University Magazine) has developed my writing style, proofreading, and editing skills which I hope will aid me in the next role I take on.

Student Foodgram: teganfrancis_ - Quench

The first in our Student Foodgram series, Tegan, Cardiff final year English and German student, spills her baking secrets. Check out her Instagram account which is filled with mouth-watering foodie photos for you to enjoy. Words by Tegan Francis What type of food do you normally make and how often?

Expat Tips: Stay Active

Juggling expat life while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be a struggle. Read these handy tips from a fellow expat which will make fitting in a regular work-out session seem easy.

Expat Tips: Just Say Yes

Especially at the beginning of your time abroad, it's important to say yes to new opportunities. Follow these steps to get comfortable with taking on expat life.

Munich's Best Brunch Spots

Brunch has to be my favourite meal of the day. It can be enjoyed all year round and is the perfect way to spend your day on a Sunday in the city! After in depth research, I've managed to curate a l...

Expat Tips: Explore the City like a Tourist

We're living in a time when almost everyone has a high-quality camera just hiding in their back pocket. By this we mean the trusty smartphone! When you set out with the mindset of capturing something spectacular that day, your perspective changes.

Why 2018 Rocked!

By Tegan Francis Sure, 2018 might not have been the best year this planet has ever seen... Trump is STILL president, brave women such as Dr. Christine Blasey Ford are STILL dismissed when coming forward with allegations of sexual harassment...

Five Signs You've Truly Settled into Your Life Abroad

This is perhaps the most internally satisfying feeling, which I'm sure many can relate to. It occurs when you exit whatever mode of public transportation you are on, and subsequently begin to stride in the exact direction you need to be going with confidence.

What does Feminism Mean to Me?

By Tegan Francis I'm constantly surprised by the reactions I get when I say the 'F word'- Feminism. This topic comes up about as much as Brexit does when you're in conversation with people from around the world, or perhaps it's because I'd rather talk about feminism over Brexit, I'm not sure.

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