Ben Lloyd

Web content copywriter / Tech copywriter

I specialise in computer technology topics including CRM, ERP, Augmented Reality and general computing for brands like Nominet, Three Mobile, Oracle, SanDisk and LogMeIn. I have also written on less-technical topics for major names including Allianz, the Post Office, Motley Fool, Deltek and Trustpilot.

Mail me: [email protected]



Movember Your Data! Get Your Data In Shape
Marketing data needs to be carefully pruned like the finest of mustaches. Despite the promise of digital delivery and the driving need to present more engaging...
Why All Departments Must Engage on Social Media
For a business to become truly socially enabled, social media listening techniques need to be implemented across your entire enterprise. The marketing department may well be...
Listen | The Social Influencer | Oracle
Listening is the first and most important aspect of "social business" Any relationship expert will tell you that listening is more important than talking when trying to build...


Countdown to Christmas: Get Ready Now for Your Most Profitable Christmas Ever
The Christmas rush is crucial to the success of ecommerce retailers - follow these instructions to get your business ready, using customer reviews to boost sales. There are...
The Pitfalls of Online Reviews
Online reviews are now essential to most shoppers’ purchasing decisions - and that’s exactly why you cannot afford to ignore them any longer.
10 things you will only understand if you are an online retailer this Christmas
This post was created by a user and has not been vetted or endorsed by BuzzFeed's editorial staff. It is also not paid advertising. BuzzFeed Community is a place where anyone...
Our Flipbook - Prove the Business Value of Online Reviews with Split Testing
Prove the Business Value of Online Reviews with Split Tes...


Office 365 Business Scenarios: the cost of communication breakdown
The modern business is agile in operations and strategy, often using a distributed network of consultants and freelancers to provide project-specific services. This flexible...
Office 365 Business Scenarios: when running the business takes over from why you're in business
Inefficient processes steal resources away from where they are needed the most - serving your customers. By the time a business grows above 50 employees, you will have moved far...
Office 365 Business Scenarios: new communication channels for sales and marketing
Customers are more connected than ever before - and they expect to reach you however and whenever they choose In the age of the Internet customers have a global marketplace from...


Don't Turn a Drama into a Crisis: Business Continuity Planning
These four scenarios will help with your own business continuity planning exercises to keep your organisation running in case of a disaster. Local outages are an occasional yet...
Why Gamma is the perfect fit for telecoms resellers
A reseller guide written for the UK's largest provider of SIP trunking services
Choose the right unified communications system for you
A whitepaper written for Gamma, the UK's leading VoIP SIP trunking reseller

Parker Software

Black Friday: Thrive Don't Survive
A white paper that looks at how online retailers can turn Black Friday from a one-day hype fest into a year long success.
Customer communication - you're doing it wrong
A look at how customers interact with brands, and how not to screw those communications up.

Request for Proposal: The Hard Questions Worth Asking. |
Assembling a request for proposal can help your business avoid mistakes and get the best value when buying a social media management platform.
Personalized Marketing - Why Is it Important? |
Your customers increasingly expect personalized marketing - here's how to get started.
7 skills every social media manager needs | Falcon Social
A successful social media manager needs to be able to do a lot more than 'just' craft a witty 140-character message. Despite the huge value created by an effective social...

Melbourne IT

Best Practice for Benchmarking Web & Mobile Site Performance
A thought leadership document explaining how to assess the performance of corporate web presence.
Checklist: Considerations for the best UX
A white paper laying out the factors that need to be considered when designing the most effective user interface for a corporate website

Michael Page

How to market yourself as a digital specialist | Michael Page
Now that you've identified your digital specialist skills, find out how to market yourself to prospective employers.
Retaining your tech staff: five tips to help you keep top talent | Michael Page
With tech professionals - especially skilled specialists - in constant and high demand, you face a constant battle to keep hold of your best tech talent. To retain the cream of...

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