Todd Balazovic

Copy Editor, National news desk, Xinhua News Agency

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Journalist based in Beijing, reporting on China for the past 7 years.

China Daily
Stemming the flow

China plans to tighten laws to halt stem cell treatments as questions on effectiveness and safety remain, reports Todd Balazovic When Penny Thomas was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2001, she promised herself she would never allow the illness to take over her life. And for five years, she was successful.

China Daily
Google employees remain optimistic about jobs

Talks with China have reached an apparent impasse and Google, the world's largest search engine, is now "99.9 percent" certain to shut its Chinese search engine, the Financial Times said.

China Daily
The deal in Little Africa

South China's major trading hub is home to more than 30,000 African traders - but for how long? For the same reason that practically every major capital in the world contains a Chinatown, there are Chinese cities that support an "Africatown". The biggest by far is in Guangzhou in South China.

China Daily
Couples target mall's kissing contest to promote gay rights

Gay and lesbian couples are planning to raise awareness of homosexuality in China this Valentine's Day by entering a kissing contest in the capital. Volunteers from the Beijing Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Center will enter the Creative Kissing Competition, sponsored by the New World department store, with the hope of providing an "opportunity for the public to understand the LGBT community".

Korea Herald
Europe turns to China for cheap prom dresses

This year's summer high school proms in Europe sparkled with a touch of China, thanks to a growing trend of Western teenagers going in for Middle Kingdom fashion bargains. An increasing number of dresses made in China adorned the dance floors of high schools worldwide this year as clothing wholesalers in the East market their Oscar-style dresses online at a fraction of the normal cost.

Washington Post
Obama's half brother happy to live in China

US expatriate visits Beijing to promote book BEIJING - US President Barack Obama's half brother said he hoped the Chinese version of his book will help China and the United States understand each other better.

China Daily
Not so fast on the burgers and nuggets

Like cold french fries, fast food is taking on a jaded look as China may be losing its appetite for what was once the most popular form of foreign cuisine - fast food.

China offers frugal route for US retirees

Most Americans dream of retiring on the Florida coast or in the quiet countryside, but a growing number are looking East to spend their golden years of retirement in China where their nest eggs will last a little longer.

Chinese Airlines Fight for Greater Share of International Travel Market

Chinese air carriers are chasing new horizons as an increasingly competitive domestic market drives them to seek new opportunities abroad. With the nation's outbound travel set to soar, Chinese airlines are banking on brand recognition to capitalize on the population's increasing appetite to work and travel abroad.

China Daily
China advertisers facing creative challenge

It is a long-held myth that when fast-food chain KFC arrived in China and translated its signature "finger-lickin' good" slogan it ended up actually telling customers to "eat their own fingers".

China Daily
Fullback billionaires up the ante in player signing

China's football club owners hope to follow Abramovich model for success When Roman Abramovich bought the Chelsea football club in 2003 for $233 million (192 million euros, it made history as the highest price ever paid for an English club.

China Daily
Electric glide on easy street

With fuel prices soaring across the US and Europe, e-bikes are becoming an increasingly appealing option for eco-friendly commuters and recreational cyclists. And, as the largest and oldest e-bike industry in the world, China is poised to make its mark on the industry.

China Daily
US Astronaut fires up next generation

US Astronaut Mark Polansky took one small step into the capital this week to help Beijing's rising stars boldly go where he has been several times before - space.