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Taylor Stanton

Writer & Editor

Location icon United States

I graduated from Drury University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and writing in May 2019. I am a writer, editor and critical thinker. I love learning, reading and collecting information, which I synthesize and use to tell stories of individuals and organizations.

Gallup Strengths: Learner, Intellection, Input, Responsibility, Relator

Ozarks Eco
Your Deodorant May Be the Pits: 5 Chemicals Found in Most Deodorants

Deodorant is something we use every day, sometimes more than once. We don't want to smell. We don't want to sweat. Thus, deodorant solves our problems. Good idea, right? Well, maybe not. There may be harmful chemicals in your deodorant. Deodorants and antiperspirants try to stop one of our bodies' essential natural functions: sweating.

Ozarks Eco
Strawless Summer: Companies jump on the anti-straw bandwagon

Welcome to the strawless summer of 2018. This year three large companies, along with smaller businesses across the world, are finally answering the cries of many to take a stand against the small but ever-lurking plastic straw. McDonald's, Starbucks and now Alamo Drafthouse have publicly released their intentions of cutting down on the amount of plastic straws available to their costumers.

Ozarks Eco
The refill revolution comes to Springfield: SOAP Refill Station

Springfield's new SOAP Refill Station allows residents to reduce plastic and doctor their hygiene products with their favorite essential oils. SOAP Refill Station's mission is to reduce plastic waste in landfills and waterways by bringing the reduce, reuse and refill trend to Springfield.

Drury Mirror
SGA ratifies new constitution after student body vote - Drury Mirror

On Monday, Jan. 28, 2019, Drury's Student Government Association (SGA) ratified its constitution and bylaws after a student body vote in favor of the revised documents. Representatives of SGA's Constitution Committee, Cameron Higbe and Michael Havens, presented the changes to SGA on Thursday, Jan. 17. The following week, on Thursday, Jan.

Drury Mirror
Drury gets "unranked" from U.S. News & World Report - Drury Mirror

On Aug. 22, 2018, U.S. News & World Report revised its 2018 Best Colleges rankings. Drury, along with seven other colleges, was moved to the "unranked" category. Before the revision, Drury ranked No. 8 in the Midwest on U.S. News & World Report's Best Value Schools: Regional Universities list.

Drury Mirror
Drury Debate continues successful season - Drury Mirror

Drury debaters have been making waves in the International Public Debate Association (IPDA) since 2016 when the debate program was re-established on Drury's campus. The debate team has competed in six tournaments this school year. With two regular season tournaments and the IPDA National Tournament left, the season is far from over.

Drury Mirror
Book by Drury alumna Dr. Meg Myers Morgan out December 4 - Drury Mirror

Dr. Meg Myers Morgan is the recent winner of Drury's 2018 Young Alumni Award. She is a professor at the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa, career coach, author and public speaker. On Dec. 4, 2018, Myers Morgan's second book, "Everything Is Negotiable: The 5 Tactics to Get What You Want in Life, Love, and Work," will be released.

Rural Schools Collaborative
Rural Schools Collaborative

The Rural Schools Collaborative is a new multi-state organization that recognizes the value of local schools and small communities. We believe innovative instruction, thoughtful collaboration, and targeted philanthropy strengthen the fabric of rural places.

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