Tammy Blue

Writer / Editor / Communications / Non-Profit

Tammy Blue is a published writer and award winning editor, with extensive experience in communications management. Whether leading a team or working solo, Tammy is a seasoned professional and a lot of fun to work with.

It is her desire to utilize all of her 20 years experience and talents in writing, editing and management for an organization that helps make a positive impact on people's lives.

Jefferson County Memorial Project
Jefferson County's 30 Residents

“Jeff Curry” (pg. 17) “Black and White Newspapers” (pg. 40) “Elizabeth Lawrence” (pg. 41)


The Evolution of Racism Through the Lens of 'Lynching' Rhetoric and Memory "The significance of my masters thesis is rather timely; with the murder of George Floyd and several other Black members of the community by police, the discussion of "words and actions matter" is truly relevant.