Tammy Blue

Writer / Editor / Social Media & Communications

Tammy Blue is a published writer, freelance columnist and editor, and novelist. She graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in April, 2018 with a B.A. in English & Professional Writing, and has over 20 years of professional experience.

United States of America




March 2017: The Art of Collaboration ~ Memorandum (pg. 5) July 2016: On Your Way Out ~ The Leaf March 2016: Sky Castle, Rockin' Again ~ The Leaf February 2016: Love, Actually ~...


SouthernEdition.com The Immigrant Historian: British Expat Enjoys Exploring the South's Past

British Expat Enjoys Exploring the South's Past

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Because of the Brave

It is just a few days after the July 4th holiday, viagra sale and I can't help but remember what I was thinking and feeling while watching the fireworks "bursting in air" over...


The Art of Collaboration

Academic Essay

The Nature of Symbols

Phillips Scholarship Award Winning analysis of the short story, “The Sky is Gray” by noted author Ernest J. Gaines.

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Find the Window

"Find the Window" - March Column

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Rockabye Elephant

While getting ready to head to the ranch that fateful morning, drugstore my cell phone rang. It was Eric. "Want to go on an elephant job with me and Eddie today?" I couldn't say...

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Coupon, and go to Paris