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Settlements for police brutality and killings aren't enough

October 23rd marks one month since a grand jury announced that it would not indict Louisville former detective Brett Hankison, and Officers' Myles Cosgrove and Jonathan Mattingly for the death of Breonna Taylor. The public remains angered by the lack of accountability for these law enforcement officials responsible.

For The Culture: Blackest Songs of 2019

For the culture, and ONLY for the culture. This year some of our favorite artists made music for our melanin, our tribe, and our love of Black people. Whether it was to boast about black beauty or address the racial injustices that exist - they covered it all giving us powerful anthems that we'll sing beyond this new decade.

As A Black Woman, I'm Tired Of Having To Talk About My Hair At Work

"You know what I'm realizing ... Black women change their hair often. White women don't really constantly change their hairstyles like you all do ... Why is that?" These words came from my white boss at my first full-time job as he observed my new hairstyle.