Tamara Lee

Writer and Editor

Experienced in content writing and editing for print and online; social media and print marketing; research and editorial.

Other writing includes fiction, creative non-fiction, and screenplays.



Blogs & Essays

The Establishment

That Christmas My Dad Ripped Off the Top of a Tree

Included in The Establishment's 2016 Sadlarious Holiday Series.

The Montreal Review

Le souvenir

Travel narrative essay first published on the CWC blog

The Canadian Writers' Collective

Sumos and Lilies

Personal essay with a local event focus | As I sit out here on my mom's back deck, I can feel the summer night air succumbing to fall.

Literacy-specific Content

The Westcoast Reader

Osgemeos paint a monster mural in Vancouver

Content for the online community connected to the Westcoast Reader, a literacy newspaper .

The Westcoast Reader

Survivors Totem Pole

Upper Level reading content for an online literacy website.

The Westcoast Reader

Food carts in B.C.

Online literacy website content | All over the world, local people eat food served from a cart on the street. In North America, eating from food carts, or food trucks, is a very...


TCR Issue 3.19

Promotional e-blast

Issue launch announcement/e-newsletter

LISTN Newsletter

The Value of Engagement in the Westcoast Reader Online Community

Article for the Blended Learning issue of the LISTN Newsletter (print)

Various titles


Copy-editor for the Missing & Exploited suspense series by Hannah Holborn, as well as numerous novel-length fiction manuscripts.