Konica Stones

Freelance Content Writer

United Kingdom

I'm a Freelance Content Writer and Creator.
I work across the Education and Careers sectors writing content for a variety of clients.

My passion is drafting copy and content that is value-led and engaging to read.

I'm partial to an oat milk latte and I love nothing more than spending my time reading a good book!

Practice Aptitude Tests
Top 10 Tips To Pass Your Cubiks Test

Cubiks tests are designed and developed by Cubiks, a leading psychometrics and talent management tool provider. Many employers use Cubiks tests as part of their recruitment and selection process, as they can be adapted to the specific requirements of an organisation.

Guide to Co-op Assessment Test Success

The Co-op is a company that is owned by 4.5 million members - those employed by the Co-op. The company has five business areas: The Co-op's ethos can be summarised as giving back to the community, either through the profits the organization makes or by its employees doing work that benefits their local community.

What Is a Desired Salary?

Desired salary is the pay that you are happy to receive from your employer. This can also include employer benefits as part of a compensation package. You could be asked to state your desired salary on an application form, in a covering letter or even in an interview.

How to Have More Money: A Guide

Most of us could do with more money, either for one-off purchases like a vacation or a new car, or to improve our general quality of life. This article outlines 20 ways to help you have more money by increasing your existing income, multiplying your streams of income, making cash quickly by selling assets you no longer require, and more.

What Is BBC Work Experience?

I work as a freelance commissioned content write for Wikijobs. The title of the topics varies but all are intended to be factual, well researched, and original articles. This is a careers based article that I wrote following a brief and style guide.

Family Lives
Dealing with Teen Anger

I created an Infographic detailing advice on how to deal with teen anger. The content was reworded and reworked from the existing Family Lives copy. The project required me to pull out the key information and messaging, rework and reword to make it suitable for an infographic.

Family Lives
How to Keep a Worklife Balance video content

I work with Family Lives to create content that is based on existing copy. This content can be video or infographic based with a purpose of either being standalone or as a signpost to the full article on the Family Lives website. This piece of content was an edited version of content available on their website. This required me to edit down and extract the relevant information, create a short video that was mobile friendly and could be used as a signpost back to the main Family Lives website.